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Published May 30, 2013

Recently on Amazon Germany and then Amazon Italy, Mirror’s Edge 2 was briefly listed and parts of the internet exploded with nerdgasms, unfortunately EA then rocked up and said “We appreciate fan enthusiasm for Mirror’s Edge, especially fans throughout the retail channel. This is not official EA material. We have nothing to announce at this time.”.

This could all be bluff, are we still in line for a Mirror’s Edge 2 announcement at E3? Well probably not, EA’s E3 line up has been pretty much listed and it’s all sports apart from one title they’re keeping to themselves, is that Mirror’s Edge or is it a new Need for Speed? Either way the tease of a new game was enough for me to get over excited. I’ve banged on about Mirror’s Edge since it came out, I wrote a love letter for it, I even on an old site I wrote for (7BitArcade) said Faith was the only video game character I would consider dating (mainly because she was a terrorist and had a face tattoo and both those facts would bug my parents). But all logic aside let’s just hope for a sequel, and with that in mind here’s my list of 5 things I want for a Mirror’s Edge sequel.

1. No Multiplayer Focus

Mirror's Edge Mirror's Edge 2 Frostbite Engine Wallpaper HD Faith Gun Combat Multiplayer

EA are good with multiplayer games, there’s no denying that, with the obvious games like FIFA and Battlefield 3 they have encouraged and welcomed the addition to multiplayer to many game franchises. Unfortunately with series like Dead Space and Sim City this was to the detriment of the game. I know EA are publishers and not sole developers but they’re sticky hand prints are left on many games that they have released.

Mirror’s Edge had a leaderboard for time trials, that’s it. Now I’m not saying the addition of Multiplayer wouldn’t be a good thing, but it cannot be based around combat. I loved Brink (I called it the best Team Based Shooter of this generation), that had the free running fun of Mirror’s Edge mixed with the combat from Team Fortress 2, it worked, it was great, and that’s that. Mirror’s Edge however was never really about the combat, yes you could pick up guns, and knock guards on their arses, but that wasn’t what the game was about; You were Faith, the free runner, not Faith the free combat enthusiast. More often than not it made more sense for you to get the hell out of dodge rather than face down the SWAT teams.

In the sequel my hope is that multiplayer is limited to either races or just Free Running. Skate 3 and GTA IV (‘s lobby’s) both showed that you don’t have to have a point to your multiplayer for it to be fun. Just hanging out with friends and doing stupid stuff can be just as fun. Trying to make an insane jump or just watching each other rag doll would be an awesome addition to the game, just dont let it detract from the main focus of the first game, the story.

2. Keep Faith As The Main Character

Mirror's Edge Mirror's Edge 2 Frostbite Engine Wallpaper HD Faith 3

Faith was a great character, many regard her as a great female lead, but to me the gender was irrelevant, the design and the story around her just fit. If the rumors are true and this game is coming out then I can’t see any logical reason why EA or DICE would want to pull away from such an iconic character and design. She didn’t do the damsel in distress, she didn’t play off sexuality or wear skimpy clothing, she didn’t moan erotically when injured, she just existed.

3. The Beauty Of It All

Mirror's Edge Mirror's Edge 2 Frostbite Engine Wallpaper HD Faith

The first game caught my attention and my love for a number of reasons, the free running was a well built system and created some great set pieces and joy. But I think more than that it was the design that grabbed me by the balls and said hello. The bright colours in the horrible and oppressive world juxtapose to create an amazingly conflict of beauty and terror. I fear if there was a sequel it would feature a lot of dub step, this just seems like the kind of game that they would over do it with. The original soundtrack wasn’t just the Still Alive track we all remember, it had some bleak techno tracks but it still had an ethereal nature to it, electro dream pop designed to chill the player out and create a sense of awe as they run over bright white roof tops and get shot at. The design made the first game, it was something new and contrasting to the dim greys and browns that Quake and Gears of War had set as an FPS standard, it was clean, it didn’t depress. The game was all about juxtaposition, mixing beautiful fluidity against the SWATs guns and black suits, cheery music and colourful world against a story that was all about deception and chaos and finally a female protagonist and antagonist in a non sexual way is in extreme contrast to every other female lead game we get to experience.

4. Sandbox (Mode)

Mirror's Edge Mirror's Edge 2 Frostbite Engine Wallpaper HD Faith 4

I’ve spoken before about the joys of an open world game, a game where there are no restrictions and you make your own fun. To me one of the pinnacles of this idea was the Skate series, you can easily just play the “story” of the game, but your missing out on so much if you do. Many a night I spent just skating around, enjoying the world that had been created and trying to just get a good flow going, setting myself a challenge of launching off a set of steps into a grind at the bottom. To me this shouldn’t be the whole game, I like the fact that the first game was quite structured in its level progression, I just love the idea that there could be a separate mode, maybe included in the multiplayer I mentioned above, where we can do what we want with who we want. I don’t want open world game, I do want a world though.

5. Build On The Original, Don’t Make This A “Spiritual Successor”

Mirror's Edge Mirror's Edge 2 Frostbite Engine Wallpaper HD Faith

There’s a very fine line between, re-releasing the same game and just taking the free running and nothing else. My main request and want for this game is don’t try to make the series something it’s not. I appreciate the first game didn’t sell great, but that is more down to people’s stupidity and feelings of motion sickness. The cult following of the first game don’t want the same game all over again, well most of us don’t, it’s not just about using the new Frostbite Engine to have even more lens flare, it’s about building on what the original had. Build a world and a collection of lore for us to explore. The original had a great design and the beginnings of something special, 5 years later we want the series to evolve, but not change.

Do you agree with what we want? Have we missed anything off the list? Leave a comment below!

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  1. dirkradke dirkradke

    I like the idea of using Parkour in a game. However, if that is basically the entire game I will take a pass. All Faith ever did was run from the cops using the roof tops. A game expected to entertain needs more. I think the Parkour was being used as a gimmick so they didn’t have to build a real game around a great idea. That and the fact that some of the Parkour was simply too hard – even in the demo, which ultimately decided for me NOT to purchase.

    • Burrito Grande Burrito Grande

      Could you be anymore of a casual?
      Did you want an auto parkour button put in as well?

      • dirkradke dirkradke

        What does that even mean? I didn’t like the game because it was ALL about running. The story was mediocre, the city she was running through didn’t have any personality or life. Great to emphasize what story there was, but not great for variety. After a while you’re seeing the same buildings over and over. The out of running combat was flawed, but on a more positive note I did like the music and the voice acting was good. Had any of this been addressed I would have been happy to cure my problem with the game being too hard in spots.

  2. Well said, you put in words what is in my mind.

  3. Nervly Nervly

    One of the features I’m looking forwards the most in this game is a mulltiplayer mode, just like you said, where we could freely do some parkour around the world with our friends. Now that would be neat! I heard the game was going to be Open World, which I think its a great idea, so we are not limited to only a space. I hope they will implement a multiplayer mode.

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