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Published April 30, 2013

Dog Bin

It was recently revealed that everyone’s least favourite Beatle – no, not Ringo – has joined the team at Bungie to collaborate on the Destiny soundtrack.  Sir Paul McCartney, made famous by the hit Wonderful Christmas Time, has finally revealed some titbits about the musical direction in Destiny.

‘First of all, I’d like to say it’s great,’ he said, in his quasi Scouse/Brummy accent. ‘Everything just sounds great. And that’s great.’

When Dog Bin listened to the demo tapes, there was a bit of confusion.  It appeared Sir Paul had just used past compositions – possibly in a bid to raise more money for an extension to his chalet in Scotland.

paul mccartney

‘The opening scene of the game is that big ball floating above the earth,’ said our resident reporter, Leveson Enquiry. ‘You know, the one on all the artwork.  But then you hear the opening riff to Jet by Wings – and suddenly a spaceship appears out of nowhere.  It looks exactly like a yellow submarine.’

Asked if McCartney’s position had influenced the game in any way, he said. ‘When you co-write songs like A Day in the Life, you can do whatever you like.’

During a gameplay session, it was noted that more Beatles songs could be heard in the background. ‘Those hammers from Halo are back,’ said our reporter. ‘And whenever you’re holding it, Maxwell’s Silver Hammer can be heard in the background.  That was probably the shittest song on Abbey Road.’

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