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Published June 11, 2013

Funny how my first article was written as an after thought (thought up in the shower, actually), which I placed in the Word Press trash bin, only to resurrect as a second after thought.  One of our most popular articles, in terms of hits (I guess gamers are drawn to flame baiting, not that I’d intended it as such).  It was also the ugliest thing I’d ever written – full of cynicism and a lack of consideration for others, let alone to expand my mind to other things.  Richard Dawkins, basically.  Here’s round two of my Wii retrospective, and yes – I’m still an asshole, but for different reasons entirely.

So, to recap – get Pikmin 2 with Wii controls.  It was never sold at full price, and no – they weren’t selling out.  It’s Pikmin, for feck’s sake!  Also, Twilight Princess is a wonderfully melancholic, not to mention massive game.  And the number of games you have at the end of a console’s cycle doesn’t determine some kind of superiority over another console.  What an asshole!  Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo all have good games – but I suppose it’s human nature to gang up on one thing and be an asshole about it.

Originally, before selling them (for reasons unknown, though I suspect it was to fuel beer money) I owned a couple of great games.  These were Donkey Kong Country Returns, Twilight Princess and Resident Evil 4.  So I bought them again from CEX recently (not to mention discovering my Wii Sports disc buried under some socks in a drawer).  So let’s check them out.


Retro Studios.  I’m kind of likening them to mid to late 90s Rare, in terms of their relationship with Nintendo.  They make some super awesome games, and judging by all the Japanese names in the credits, they work shoulder to shoulder with the big N.  Donkey Kong Country Returns was a revisit of the Rare classic, and while nostalgia dictates the originals as some of my favourite games, DKCR surpasses them with its wonderfully creative level design, and its son-of-a-bitch difficulty.  The Wii controls are also fun to use – bashing the shit out of weird totem creatures (yes).  Go for this instead of the 3D version – the ghosting (or whatever it’s called) is terrible.  Also – classic Donkey Kong Country music!

twilight princess

Twilight Princess has always been a chip on my shoulder – I think because I waited eagerly for 2 years for something that didn’t arrive.  I wanted the charm and ideas of Windwaker, and instead got a game that felt like a retread over previous Zelda games.  I think I was also depressed at the time – probably because I’d spent 2 years waiting for a game to come out.  But picking up TP again, it’s a great game for what it is – a massive Zelda adventure.  There were some cool things in there too.  The Arbiter Grounds with the Tony Hawks like spinner.  The yeti mansion.  Fighting a dragon using a double claw shot.  While not my favourite in the series (although it’s up there for many) it definitely deserves recognition.

I’ve said a lot about Resident Evil 4 before.  It’s an amazing game (which ironically spawned some not so amazing sequels).  While playing the HD version on my 360, I felt the lack of precision aiming the Wii offered.  Plus those context sensitive moments were a lot more fun, particularly slashing a rope with the Wii-mote, when trapped on a boat in the lake of Del Lago.  This is the definitive version to play, handsdown.

resident evil 4 wii

Wii Sports.  The novelty wore off a long time ago, but it’s important to remember the impact this had with those who bought a Wii over 6 years ago.  While not an immersive experience, it was a hell of a lot of fun to play with other people.  Perfect for taking to halls of residence, perfect for taking home and seeing (just like those cheesy adverts) your family – who never play games – get involved, swinging their limbs around as if they were inebriated (which they probably were).  Sure the game has been in my drawer for years, but that hasn’t stopped me from popping it in the disc drive again.

So there you go.  And before the, ‘What about that obscure JRPG, or those other first party Nintendo games?!’ – I’ve got my eye on them.  All those games are well under £20 now, so I will finally be expanding my collection.  Here’s hoping Nintendo bring out the big guns soon with the Wii U – I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried the console is going to go into decline, but history usually dictates the contrary.

Oh yeah, and I’m an asshole for writing an article called Why I’m An Asshole.  What an asshole.

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