The aim of the site is simple; I want this to be a haven of offbeat and left field writing. I want this site to feature some of the most original and unusual articles related to geek and nerd culture that nowhere else on the internet has even conceived of.  Nothing fills me with more joy than seeing the unusual search terms that brought people here.

This site is not out to garner hits or attention from the world at large, I want writers to come here and post up their ramblings without fear of rejection; all I ask of my writers is that their content contains nothing that would get me or the site in legal trouble, the articles should not be racist/sexist/xenophobic or anything else that just isn’t cool and finally as long as you can string a sentence together we want your words. There are no requirements like “2 articles a week” it’s as and when you want, we also don’t require exclusivity of you as an author.

If you think you can throw a few hundred words together on a, or many, geek/nerd topics then just throw us an e-mail or tweet and we’ll arrange something.

We want writers to talk about:

  • Video Games
  • Boardgames/Roleplay Games
  • Film/TV
  • Technology
  • Comics
Lots of love,

Ruaidhri (SethThePirate, The Big Boss)



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