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Published January 24, 2013

Dingle Dangle is an excellent contribution to the mobile gaming market, from Just Some Games. This cute, crazy addictive game hits all the right spots when you are in need of some light hearted app distraction. The game begins with a graphically brilliant cinematic sequence, which introduces you to the world of collecting ‘Dingles’ (who, by the way, are painfully cute) and the music and sound effects that accompany this short clip are just great. Instantly you feel involved in the game.

You start playing a short tutorial level, called ‘Humble Beginnings…’ in the world of Green Tree Glenn. This level introduces you to the basic controls of the game, which involve a lever that you control with your right thumb (or finger depending on your choice) to lower a rope that you will use to collect your ‘Dingles’. You additionally tilt the iPhone/iPad left or right to sway the rope in the direction of your choice. All in all, the default controls are my preferred choice, however if they don’t particularly suit you, you have the option to change this in the settings panel. The first few levels are rather deceiving; as they slowly lure you into thinking that the game is actually rather easy. This is certainly not the case, as you will learn as you advance across the levels and three worlds.

Dingle Dangle 3

Three worlds you hear me say, that’s right, there’s plenty of gaming time built into this addictive app, which is always good to know. Each world has twenty original levels, and with a new world ‘coming soon’ Just Some Games have surely given us gamers value for our pennies. So aside from the controls and the hours you can possibly spend on this app, what else is there to say about it? Well as mentioned before, the game involves collecting Dingles, by lowering a rope, into their cave like habitats, to pull them out. The Dingles themselves are incredibly cute furry little round critters, that when collected, utter little witty or adorable phrases that pop out in speech bubbles.  My personal favourites include ‘I couldn’t eat another bug’ or ‘I’m as full as an egg’, but I’ll leave the rest for you to discover, as they are just brilliant. The sound effects they make when they are dangling along are also full of the ‘cute’ factor. The sound effects are an excellent addition to the game; they work so well with the great graphics, to make the game like no other.

Dingle Dangle 5

The game has plenty of interesting twists and turns, that develop as you play along. This includes the Dingles changing colours as they are collected, and the ability for them to gobble on small little bugs that are dotted around the map to change them into a desired shade. Be warned though, if you let your Dingles gobble on too many bugs, they will get too big to fit through small gaps in their caves, and therefore get stuck! These are just a few of the twists featured within the levels, and there are plenty to discover whilst playing. The game just keeps on getting better and better!

Dingle Dangle 4

Each level and world brings new hazards to the game, making it harder to navigate your way around collecting all of the Dingles. Spikes, walls that you have to bash through, wind that blows you into the spikes, lava bursts that sever your rope and venus fly traps that sadly gobble up your Dingles to name just a few! The list of traps that try and halt you in your herding mission is actually much longer, but they just make the game more interesting, and at times, frustrating! You can however, purchase perks to make the game a little easier for yourself on those trickier levels, by collecting blue gems that are dotted around the Dingle caves. When you have enough, you can take these gems to the Shop, and purchase various perks. This includes gadgets, such as a spike hammer, that bashes away those pesky spikes, making your path a little less dangerous. You can also buy world unlocks, allowing you to reach different worlds a lot quicker, and patterns to jazz up your rope. My personal favourite store purchases are the various accessories you can buy for the Dingles. I just love to dress the Dingles up in snorkels, it adds that extra cuteness and hilarity to each of the levels. If you need more gems, you can easily purchase some in the store, rather than collecting them throughout the levels, for those eager to see their Dingle in a crown from level one.  The only downside is that the purchasable perks are mainly for aesthetic changes, rather than in game abilities etc. Although the game is very graphically pleasing throughout, it is a little short on the action, as nothing much really ‘happens’, yet it is not packaged as a thrilling action game, so perhaps I am expecting a little too much.

Dingle Dangle 2

Overall, it is very addictive to play, as you feel like you just cannot leave any of the Dingles behind, especially as their little speech bubbles guilt you into collecting them all with the cuteness factor! Therefore you may find yourself repeating the harder levels dozens of times to ensure you collect all of the furry critters, and get a top score at the same time. For each level you are rated out of three stars, for your timing, whether you collected all the Dingles, and one for just completing it! I don’t know about you, but I feel the need to try and always get three stars, so that certainly adds to the challenge of the game! The graphics are bright, pleasing and just make you feel happy, the game is addictive, fun to play, and really cute. Dingle Dangle is a wonderful new game for the mobile games market, and I think it hits all the right spots!

Score 7

Game Play

+ Cute, Addictive, Original, Lots of Twists and Features That Pop Up

– Lack of Action

+Bright and Detailed, Wonderful To Look At, Great Aesthetic Purchasable Perks

+ Brilliant Soundtrack, Hilarious Quotes From The Dingles, Great Sound Effects That Add Atmosphere

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