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Published November 7, 2012

Oh the fun of Assassin’s Creed, running along roof tops like a fiddler and leaping from great heights just to shiv a guy. Assassin’s Creed is one of many games where I’ve taken the game sub consciously into real life. I’ve been waiting at bus stops and looking at the buildings around thinking “I’d run along there and climb that, jump over there and swing down that pole” all the while tracing a route with my eyes. Of course I can’t do those things, firstly because of the legality of prancing about on other people’s roof tops and secondly because I am a man in his late 20’s who is overweight and with a bum knee.

I’ve seen the excellent hoodies/bathrobes/gloves that are available at INSERTCOIN but I also have to say that just because I’m wearing an Assassin’s Creed dressing gown it doesn’t make me Ezio or any other Desmond ancestors.

But then I found something online, something that made me realise a) I could feel like Ezio and b) oh god this is the first clue that police will find to use against me in a murder trial. I talk about Neca’s Ezio Auditore Roleplay Gauntlet.

This little bit of kit is for dress up and not murder. The gauntlet and blade are all made of plastic with a fair amount of attention to detail when it comes to the shading on the engravings to make it looks as close to metal as plastic can.

At first you attach the leatherette wrist strap onto your forearm; this is the housing for the blade itself and holds the button for unsheathing your pointy kill stick. Once you have the strap attached you overlay the nicely designed shielding on top.

To release the blade you have to press a button near the bottom of the blade house, the button is big and it turns out is easy to accidentally press, this was discovered by a couple of friends of mine who both pressed the button by mistake which lead to premature release and a case of the “owies” in their hand. The gauntlet comes with no instructions so it was only when my friend pointed out on the box that there is a locking switch that we discovered this much needed safety element.

This leads me on to one of the best elements of this pseudo death instrument, the blade. The blade shoots out at such a pace it will make the bravest person jump first time round, it shoots out like a greased up baby on its birthday, the speed does lead to the issue I mention above, pain. If your hand is near the hole or if your immature and do it into someone’s neck then it will give a sharp poke, now this is plastic so no blood will be drawn, but you will feel it. The blade matches the design of the rest of the piece and just looks like it was lifted straight out of the game.

Overall this accessory is great display or cosplay piece, if you’re into that kind of thing, and will impress any fans of the series. The price is one of the best things about this, it’s relatively cheap. Now I must qualify my “cheap” statement with a caveat, this is compared to other video game merchandise. You can pick one up on Ebay or other online shops for about £30, be careful though, if you search for the wrong terms you will find on Ebay people selling the kit for around £90, it’s obviously tempting to buy lots and scalp people on Ebay but that being said just get yourself one and enjoy it for a simple amount. The search term you want is “Ezio Auditore Roleplay Gauntlet” do not search for “Assassin’s Creed Hidden Blade”.

You could build your own Assassin’s Creed hidden blade but that’s dangerous, costly and a bit creepy, real blades and a piston/projectile element on your wrist is also likely to lead to you getting covered in enough blood to look like you’re a stand in for Carrie. This is cheap, well made and great looking bit of kit and a must pick up for any Assassin’s Creed fan or toy collector.

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