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Author: Callum

When not ambling his way through a journalism course, Callum likes to play and write about games. Despite having a huge back-log of titles that need completing you'll normally find him playing FIFA Ultimate Team, swearing at the referee every time a decision goes against him.

Why Crackdown is One of The Best Games of This Generation


It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment I fell in love with Crackdown. The demo had me hooked from the second it was booted up; its 30 minute free-roam was replayed more times than I would admit. Perhaps it was the first time I scaled the Agency building, seeing the cityscape in all its beauty, only to jump right off landing in a small pool of water safely below. Maybe it was collecting every explosive barrel in sight, setting off an explosion Guy Fawkes would be proud of. Or it could have been inviting a friend to the game, only to have placed trip mines around his spawning location. And then throwing a skip at him.

Robi: Cosmic Saviour – iPhone/iPad Review


The best games are often the ones that are easy to pick up but hard to master. It allows gamers of all skill levels to play and enjoy but also rewards those willing to put the time and effort into mastering the gameplay. Robi: Cosmic Saviour takes this concept and nails it, creating an addictively simply game with enough complexity to encourage strategic play.

Rolling Hero – iPad/iPhone Review


Video game villains are a peculiar bunch. Despite having armies of mindlessly loyal minions, a wealth of resources at their disposal and a twisted mind hell-bent on all things evil, many ignore the lure of controlling a corrupt corporation or pursuing world domination; instead they show psychopathic obsessions with capturing unfortunate protagonist’s girlfriends, pooling all their efforts into keeping them away from our heroes. Bowser, Donkey Kong, the Shadow Warriors; all determined to get between the player and their pixellated other half. Even villainous colourful round balls are prone to the occasional spouse-stealing, setting up the premise for Rolling Hero, the latest game from developers Gameplay Squad.

Rock Runners – iPhone/iPad Review


In gaming, sometimes less is more. For every enormously deep and varied title like Skyrim and Grand Theft Auto there are the games that take a simple concept and absolutely nail it. The iOS platform lends itself perfectly to the minimalist approach; smaller game size, less powerful processors and more simplistic controls means the games that really flourish are ones with a basic core premise executed perfectly. The heavyweights of the iOS platform, from Angry Birds to Temple Run, all conform to this formulae and Rock Runners from developers Recoil games follows suite, combining the runner and platform genres in a game that is both amazingly simple and brilliantly fun.

Games For Every Hangover


As the conversational lubrication of a few drinks slowly morphs into the complete intoxication and possible social embarrassment of a late night binge, not even the greasiest of greasy kebabs can soften the impending blow of a hangover the next day. When moving from bed to the sofa becomes as difficult a task as scaling Mount Everest is for even the most intrepid of explorers, a day in front of the TV becomes the obvious choice of activity for the indefinite future. Gaming, though, can be a difficult task whilst in your most delicate of states as a throbbing head-ache and sickening dizziness combine to all but nullify a players reactions and hand-eye co-ordination. Fear not eager gamer, here is a list of games chosen for each specific type of hangover, so you can continue to earn gamerscore no matter your drink of choice.