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Author: Lyndsay Moir

Lyndsay is a recent University graduate, who just loves to write. She is a freelance journalist, and works part-time tutoring English as a second language. When not working, she loves to geek out, whether it be watching awesome films, playing on the Xbox or writing her blog .Fueled by coffee, and fish finger sarnies. Follow her @Pixiemoir, to find out more.

Flick Champions Winter Sports – iPad/iPhone Review

Lyndsay Moir

Following the success of the popular Flick Champions, and Flick Champions World Editions, Nawia Games and Chillingo have paired up again to bring us a Winter themed edition of the well-received game, for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. You start by choosing which country you want to compete for, and help get to the top of the leader board. Then you are greeted by the menu screen, which allows you to choose which game mode you want to start playing in. You can go for a quick game, and have a fast paced thrilling match of either, Slalom, Skating, Ski Jumping, Ice Hockey, Curling or a fun Snowball Fight. My personal favorite has to be Slalom, as I am really competitive with myself, and just love trying to get through all of those gates!

Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi Couples To Date

Lyndsay Moir

To once again celebrate the famed month of loved, I thought I would compile a list of my favourite all time geek couples. Couples that have had me weeping in their saddest moments, and rooting for them to finally make it work when everything else seems against them. These couples are seriously awesome, and I doubt they would be spending Valentines Day handing over boxes of expensive truffles or toasting classes of champagne. No they would be side by side, fighting crime or battling monsters. So without further ado…

Be Together – The Cutest iOS Puzzle Game Around – iPad/iPhone Review

Lyndsay Moir

I am lucky enough to say that I have been playing the new game ‘Be Together’  from the guys over at LinkGoGame over the last few days, and have really enjoyed it, even though some of the levels have been seriously tricky! It is a perfect mix of cuteness, with an ounce of puzzle and all the right hazards and perks to make it a good game. You begin the first level, in the first world, learning the ropes of how to play the game. To start each ‘game’ you have to tap the little blue creature, or press the play button in the top right hand corner, and then watch him roll towards his little orange character, who he wants to be with, collecting gold stars in the process. Now this sounds simple, yet I have missed out one main problem. In each level you are faced with different scenarios, hazards and tricky to collect coins, which prevent you being with your loved one. You have to use given props to bounce, slide and teleport your way past them, into her waiting arms.

Addicted to Dangling for Dingles – Dingle Dangle iPhone/iPad Review

Lyndsay Moir

Dingle Dangle is an excellent contribution to the mobile gaming market, from Just Some Games. This cute, crazy addictive game hits all the right spots when you are in need of some light hearted app distraction. The game begins with a graphically brilliant cinematic sequence, which introduces you to the world of collecting ‘Dingles’ (who, by the way, are painfully cute) and the music and sound effects that accompany this short clip are just great. Instantly you feel involved in the game.

Top 5 Invented Languages For TV and Film

Lyndsay Moir

We have all been there, sat with our nibble of choice and plenty of beers (or soda) chilling in the fridge, ready to watch the newest film that we have been all hyped about, or ready to destroy our way through a huge new TV box set. Well I was doing this just last night, with a cheeky bit of Game of Thrones before bed, and suddenly I was listening to a language I didn’t quite recognise, when they started to speak Dothraki. Then a thought struck me, mid popcorn munch, as to just how many languages have actually been made up for a TV series of Film, and even better, which ones are my favourite? It seems all writers are now going that extra ‘Tolkien’ mile to construct a new language for their stories, so there are so many to choose from!

Here is my list of my all time favourite made up languages