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Published February 7, 2013

I am lucky enough to say that I have been playing the new game ‘Be Together’  from the guys over at LinkGoGame over the last few days, and have really enjoyed it, even though some of the levels have been seriously tricky! It is a perfect mix of cuteness, with an ounce of puzzle and all the right hazards and perks to make it a good game. You begin the first level, in the first world, learning the ropes of how to play the game. To start each ‘game’ you have to tap the little blue creature, or press the play button in the top right hand corner, and then watch him roll towards his little orange character, who he wants to be with, collecting gold stars in the process. Now this sounds simple, yet I have missed out one main problem. In each level you are faced with different scenarios, hazards and tricky to collect coins, which prevent you being with your loved one. You have to use given props to bounce, slide and teleport your way past them, into her waiting arms.


Each level gets that little bit trickier, and often you may be left scratching your head, puzzled about how to proceed with the level, or get all of them three stars! So often I could get just two of them. But that is what makes the game excellent, it is really addictive, and rewarding when you finally work out the solution. So what hazards should you expect whilst playing? Well in the first world, you will have to work your way around strangely shaped landscapes, with big falls into nothing. Add to this the little floating ‘dangerous guys’ that resemble floating octopuses that are just waiting to zap you with an electric shock should you happen to roll or bounce into them. Or the falling rocks, that block your path and deliver a big bash on the head to anyone they land on. You don’t want to hurt your orange loved one now do you?


The second world is set in a snowy landscape, and the third, a rustic themed world, which has very strong Halloween connotations. They are all brilliantly designed, with great moving backgrounds, which at times are also very cute, which adds to the whole sweetness of the game really. As you play along, you are given various props that help you complete each level. Plus, if you complete a level without using all the given props, you gain more points and achievements! Trust me though; it is a lot harder than it sounds to do so. The props include C shaped sliding horns that whisk you into the sky, puffer-fish style creatures that inflate you and let you float around to your destination, and cute clouds that allow you to bounce your way across the level. My personal favourite props are the teleporting pink bubbles, as they tend to feature on the trickier levels, and you feel awesome when you finally work out how to do it! On some levels, you are challenged with collecting a cute furry creature, for extra points! See if you can get them all!


For each level, you are scored on your time, and whether you used all the props, as well as how many gold stars you managed to collect. There are still some levels where three stars evade me, but I swear I will get them one day! You also unlock various achievements, if you are signed in to the gamecenter, I got a few, such as one for not using the cloud prop for a certain amount of levels. I won’t spoil it all for you though, as I know how much fun achievement unlocking can be! Plus, you can see how well you are doing against the rest of the world, by checking your stats! Awesome right?

BT 2

Be Together has a great backing sound track and super cute quotes on the loading screens, that again just add to the ‘aww’ factor of the game. It also has great buyable perks, such as being able to purchase hints, just in case some of those levels are just too puzzling, and the chance to buy stars in case you want to advance to the next worlds, before obtaining the required amounts. This game is a really fun IOS download to occupy any long train rides, or just to have a dabble on whilst watching a movie half heartedly at home. It has three worlds, with one more advertised as ‘coming soon’ which means plenty of hours of playtime, always a good thing to see in a mobile game.  I would totally recommend downloading it, especially with Valentines Day around the corner. It will add that extra sweetness to your usual gaming habits! So for a puzzling, addictive and cute game, look no further than ‘Be Together’.

Score 7

Game Play
+ Cute, Puzzling, Addictive, Unique, lots of hours and levels
– Slow Loading Screens, Repetitive at times

Detailed, bright, cute and differently designed levels.

– Doesn’t stand out

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