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Published September 11, 2013

8% on Metacritic, 1.0 on Gamespot,  Worst Video Game of the Decade award from ScrewAttack. It’s safe to say that Big Rigs Over The Road Racing is still held as one of the worst games ever made, this is obviously not true, I made a game once and it was atrocious, but if we’re talking worst released games, then yeah, Big Rigs is a tough ride.

The question is whether this has been ‘bandwagon-ed’? I once wrote a piece on why I dislike Half Life 2 so much, I really can’t stand it as a game and don’t understand the hype, I got accused at the time of being ‘counter-culture’ for the sake of it, but that’s not true. I stated how much I loved HL-1, the expansions and Valve. My point was that a lot of people say it’s the best game ever because they’ve been told it’s the best game ever. Is that the same with Big Rigs? Are we saying it’s the worst game ever because we are told it is? Well yes and no.

 Big Rigs Over The Road Racing Screen Glitches Review Gameplay Download

People on forums whenever the worst game ever chat comes up reel off a list of game, E.T. on the Atari, Big Rigs and then if they want to fanboy troll they’d add Call of Duty. But how many of these people have ever actually played E.T., the answer is probably very few. This is one of those occasions where the masses are correct, even if most of them are uneducated plebs reeling off some spiel they heard on NeoGaf.

The long and short is that I decided to get hold of Big Rig: Over the Road Racing to see if it is as bad as everyone says. I’m fed up of this easy joke mentality within the games industry, saying stuff like underage fanboys ruin xbox live with their racist/sexist/homophobic abuse, Nintendo ruined their heritage with casual games and PC fans are the worst elitist group out of any section of gaming. All of these statements have an element of truth, I’ve been called horrible things on Xbox Live, I’ve played some truly awful ‘nothing’ games on the Wii and PC fanboys are ultra-defensive of their expensive hobby. But they are the  easy punchlines and angles every gamer takes.

Big Rig: Over the Road Racing is a travesty of a game. Despite all my hope that it would turn out to be an ‘alright’ game, something that was passable and playable, something that would mean all you NeoGaf members would realise that joke of it being the worst game ever would think harder about your material. But alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Gamespot, Metacritic and ScrewAttack were right.

What’s fascinating is the story behind Sergey Titov. He created the engine used for Big Rigs, ‘surely his career ended there?’ I hear you shout, well no, instead good ol’ Titov just went underground for a bit before popping up with War Z, “War Z, isn’t that the really good zombie mod for ARMA II.” No you’re thinking of Day-Z, the really good zombie mod for ARMA II. Basically War Z is a rip off game that was pulled from Steam two days after launch for not only being more than a little broken but also because it flat out lied in its advertising blurb about the game’s features. But then the game disappeared from sight, nobody had spoken about that awful experience in months, but that’s because the cheeky blighters over at Hammerpoint Interactive, creators of War Z, decided they’d had so much bad press they renamed the game “Infestation: survivor Stories”. The real kick in the teeth is that this renaming wasn’t exactly covered up, news sites covered it, but the masses didn’t know, and so when it popped up in the Steam Summer Sale it shot to nearly the top of the bestselling Steam games list.

Big Rigs Over The Road Racing Screen Glitches Review Gameplay Download 2

Big Rig is a game that has a reputation, whether through fact or word of mouth the game has been labelled the worst game ever made, and it deserves it, nothing about the game does as it should; the lack of any collision, the fact physics are non existent, but more than anything, it’s not a racing game. The opponent never leaves the start line, the game is called Big Rig: Over the Road Racing, that’s right, RACING, it doesn’t even match its own name! So I guess in conclusion, I only have myself to blame, I thought I could be the voice of reason and say “HEY! It’s not *that* bad!” but it is, it is just a broken game. I’ve had better gaming experiences with banners on websites.

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