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Published June 6, 2013

If you read multiple reviews of a game you sometimes notice that writers go for the same joke; see every review of Alien: Colonial Marines where 90% of game sites had the “Game over man” line shoe horned into the review somewhere. With Bridgy Jones I can almost guarantee that the majority of the reviews will feature a line talking about one of the following: Renée Zellweger, Granny Pants, Colin Farrell, Hugh Grant or badly written fictional diaries. Here at PixelBedlam we pride ourselves on being different, as such we will avoid the Bridget Jones Bingo Game for this entire review.

Bridgy Jones is a puzzle game with hints of sandbox fun thrown in. The easiest comparison is the great sequel to Angry Birds, Bad Piggies. You are a man and a dog on a mission. After seeing a train pass by your hut you notice a frankly horrifying Bird in the back, the dog Bonner, falls in love, Bridgy, the man, rather than seeing the opportunity for inter-species love instead spies the potential for an awesome fried egg. Bridgy and Bonner hop into the fastest mode of transport they have, an old train.

Bridgy Jones iOS Review Game Screen

The main thrust of the game is a physics / puzzle game. On entering each new level you are shown the challenge ahead, generally speaking this is a chasm that must be crossed. Using a select number of track pieces and support beams you must build a bridge that is strong enough and stable enough to get you and the train across. Adding to the difficulty is the usual 3 star rating you get from every iOS game these days, using only select items, within a time limit and finally making it across with all of your crates of….I’m not sure what…. to the finish. The problem is that moving your crates isn’t as easy as you would hope. Often you are required to clear quite a distance and the slightest bump makes the train bounce causing the boxes to fly. You can adjust your speed and sometimes you have to go slow, unfortunately my bridges tended to be slightly wonky and the support beams often disintegrate.

Bridgy Jones iOS Review Game Screen 2

This all comes together to produce a puzzle game that has weird elements of platforming thrown into a puzzle game, I say weird, but this is not a negative reaction. The game is perfect for people like me who enjoy the fine tuning in this kind of puzzle. After a failure the game is quick to reset to its previous “build” state allowing you to make tiny amendments.

Some of the 3 star (or coins in this game’s case) are troublesome, the requirements seems unfair at times but that does produce replayability, it’s something that once people get further and further into the game you learn how to maneuver the train, hitting accelerate non stop doesn’t work, you need to learn to break, take a steadier pace for better score. With the addition of new items like rope and different style of bridges being required you do get quite a bit of bang for your buck with this game and the fast but thoughtful game will keep many gamers pleased. As I said at the start of this review, the easiest comparison in style is to Bad Piggies, and the shame is that the developers of Bridgy Jones didn’t copy the sandbox mode of Bad Piggies, unlimited resources and a wide canyon would be great fun to work on.

Bridgy Jones iOS Review Game Screen 4

The art and music in the game are actually unique, it’s pleasant to review an iOS game that decided on something a little bit different, a mix of high quality cartoons with slightly painting like scenery come together to produce a relaxing affair whilst you build your tracks. The music seems an odd but pleasant mix of hillbilly, Irish, wild west banjo plucking and bouncy tunes.

This game is easy to recommend to people. It’s simple, it’s fun, it’s clever and it makes you work for your game satisfaction. The feeling of satisfaction for completing a level is only slightly overshadowed by the sight of your track falling apart piece by piece causing your train, its carriages and its cargo to go flying head over heel like Bridget Jones on the ski slope….In her big pants….DAMNIT!

Bridgy Jones iOS Review Game Screen 3

Score 8


+Satisfying to complete puzzles

+Funny writing

-Balancing required on some puzzles sub-objectives


+Fun cartoon style with genuinely entertaining main characters


+Interesting sound design with original music joyas pandora outlet joyas pandora outlet