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Category: Board Games

Magic The Gathering: Experimentation Retrospective Vol.1

Ruaidhri Walker

I’m not the first to make the observation that schools are just a series of cliques forced into the same room for 45 minute periods of pretending to learn. There are obviously many cliques it’s possible to fall into. The Goths, a breed that I can associate with in as much as I hate sunlight and quite enjoy the moany tones of The Smiths and The Cure. There was the cool kids who at my school seemed to be mainly about people who found farting on each other’s heads and being douche’s hilarious. I fell into neither of these groups, I didn’t even fall in the sporty clique or the nerds, I was a nomad, I had really good friends in each group, but I could never commit to one or the other. This lead to me seeing a lot of things from the outside but never taking part for example; the sporty kids who actually did exercise, something I’ve witnessed on many occasions but never participated in myself.

The nerds was where my interest was really piqued though. They knew things and did things which just fascinated me. There was actually a sub-group within the nerds; nerds means many things to many people, a higher level of intelligence or a fascination with Dragons and Orcs, well our nerds contained both sub-species (smart and fantasy not dragons and orcs). The thing is I wasn’t much better myself; I from an early age had an obsession with computer games, but that was relatively hidden at school, it wasn’t until university I was truly open as to how into games I was. These nerds were open about their interests and not ashamed of it, they would play quick sessions of Dungeons and Dragons on the school field and the collectable card game Magic: The Gathering. I was curious, I went as far as to buy a few packs to be able to build a deck, but short of looking at the pictures, I can’t remember ever actually using the cards.

A Review of Gloom: Consumed by Card Games



‘Cousin Mordecai found himself playing with rusty old bear traps in the woods. Unfortunately, he slipped and the trap took off his arm. In a horrifying turn of events and due to the lack of modern medicine, he found himself Galled by Gangrene!’


I love Gloom. Not only because I have an unsettling interest in the morbid and gruesome, but because it’s so much fun to play. I don’t have experience of card games on the whole; the best I could do is fluke a game of snap. So my relief was overflowing when I was introduced to Gloom.