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Top 5 Best Uses Of Nudity In Games [NSFW]

Ruaidhri Walker

The following, as the title implies is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Get on your mobile phone and make sure no one is looking over your shoulder. This list is not about the most titillating nudity in games, many other sites have done that cheap list of knockers, this is a list of where nudity was used for a purpose, be it repulsion, story or to divert expectations. With this list and my thoughts I’m hoping to show people that Leisure Suit Larry isn’t the only example of nudity in games and it is not a good example of it to start with.

Sega After Dark: Why I Love Nights Into Dreams


Sonic Team are most famous for one franchise; no prizes for knowing that the franchise in question is the formidable Sonic the Hedgehog. You could even go as far as to say that some of their other efforts have sailed under the radar. Not this one; this one flew into the minds of gamers and made that clunky Sega Saturn something to be jealous of back in the hazy glory days of 1996. That game is the absolutely wonderful, Nights Into Dreams.

Why Crackdown is One of The Best Games of This Generation


It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment I fell in love with Crackdown. The demo had me hooked from the second it was booted up; its 30 minute free-roam was replayed more times than I would admit. Perhaps it was the first time I scaled the Agency building, seeing the cityscape in all its beauty, only to jump right off landing in a small pool of water safely below. Maybe it was collecting every explosive barrel in sight, setting off an explosion Guy Fawkes would be proud of. Or it could have been inviting a friend to the game, only to have placed trip mines around his spawning location. And then throwing a skip at him.

Giving Up The Ghost: The Death of Survival Horror


Can you remember creeping through the halls of Resident Evil’s mansion for the very first time? Can you remember seeing Silent Hill’s nightmare world unfold before your eyes as you gripped your controller in sweaty anticipation? I can; but the thing I am most afraid of does not lurk in the dark, it’s forgetting what we were so scared of in the first place.

If you look on any big games website and look up the reviews for Resident Evil 6 or Dead Space 3, you will see a raft of people screaming at the top of their voice that survival horror is dead. The tattered flag of previously revered franchises is left flapping at half mast amidst a sea of disdain.

The Top 8 Ways to Grief In Co-Op Games

Ruaidhri Walker

Grieffing is an art, when doing it in competitive multiplayer it doesn’t take too much skill, it’s easy to wind up a 14 year old racist with too much Pepsi in their system. But to wind up a friend to breaking point can take real skill. The best griefs are the ones you can at first make to look like an accident but after the fifteenth time it’s hard to see it as anything but malicious. If you’re looking to wind up your friend whilst sat on the ol’ Co-op gaming couch then look no further my grieffing padawan, here at PixelBedlam we have had every trick in the book pulled on us and we’re here to help you fight back! Or alternatively start a bad name for yourself amongst your friends.

Late To The Party: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Ruaidhri Walker

Nolan North for the longest time annoyed the hell out of me, this suddenly feels like a confessional, if Nathan Fillon is the ‘Geek God of TV’ then Nolan North is the gamers nerdgasm producer. A quick look at his IMDB page  shows how many games this silver voiced actor has been in; a lot of them crap to be perfectly honest but some absolute gems in there. My issue with Nolan was originally around his take of some quite iconic characters, the likes of Deadpool, Penguin and Superman/Superboy (you can find my DC Universe: Young Justice love here). All of which were perfectly acceptable takes in theory, actually no, that’s rubbish, Nolan North’s version of Penguin was on the verge of sounding like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins. It was an American actor’s idea of a British accent, which has been formed based on Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and the voice Harry Shearer uses in The Simpsons to portray a Brit, and it’s just the worst.

Sony: Play Different

Shane Roberts

Sony made many mistakes at the outset of this generation, but to bury its contributions during the last seven years under the weight of “$599 US DOLLARS” would be a tremendous waste. From the unprecedented value offered by Playstation Plus to the company’s courting of indie development, Sony has done a 180 since 2006, setting numerous examples their competitors should follow. As we eagerly anticipate the Playstation 4, let’s look at the little and not so little things Sony did right during the Playstation 3’s lifespan.


A Wii Restrospective: Why I’m An Asshole


Fanboy: 1) a flattened child used to cool one’s face down 2) a Nintendo fan.  I’ve been dubious about the Wii U – I don’t think it’s going to go the way of the Dreamcast, but I do think it will go the way of the Wii.  After the recent Nintendo Direct announcement [this article was written a while back – Ed], I’ve tilted my head to one side like a curious dog.  It’s the promise of new Mario and Zelda games that have suckered me in again.  I guess this fanboy will eventually buy the glorified DS.  And it will have 5 ‘great’ games on it, within the barrage of ‘Dance, Dance, Super Fire Pony’ and the like.  So – with that to inspire me – I decided to see what remaining Wii games were left on my shelf…

Enduring The Future Of The Playstation


It’s nearly 11pm. I should be getting ready to go to bed. Instead I’m waiting to watch the Sony Future conference, to see the unveiling on the PS4.

I’m well prepared. I have a drink and some food to keep me going through what could be an hours long presentation. My laptop is plugged in, my dogs put to bed and I’ve got the official Sony livestream page open and ready half an hour before launch as I prepare my notes. How bad could it be?