When Games Merge With Real Life

We've all done it (that is to say, at least Max has done it) of stepping out the house, after hours spent on the Xbox, only to find yourself imagining dragons soaring from the hilltops, or groups of chavs turning into zombies. Read on to see what happens when games merge with real life.

Devil May Cry: To Hell And Back – Part 1

Amidst the blizzard of hysteria and hate that has surrounded the release of the newly rebooted Devil May Cry you may have missed something. Something that I, myself, overlooked; back in 2001 DMC was nothing but a spot on the massive gaming radar. A newly born, scrambling for affection, crawling between the legs of titans. In the same year that saw Silent Hill 2 turn people into a quivering wrecks and witnessed Rockstar change the gaming landscape with Grand Theft Auto 3, Devil May Cry was not just a face in the crowd. Its hero was a white haired, demon slayer called Dante... and he turned the rest of the crowd into ashes, without ever breaking a sweat.

Top 6 Dick Moves by Games

We've all had that moment where you just want to scream at your screen “THAT'S NOT FAIR”, the computer has moved the goal posts, tipped the odds in its favour or just flat out cheated for it's own agenda. Here at PixelBedlam we've been putting up with these tactics for years, but not any more, we're calling you out games! Here's our list of the 6 Biggest Dick Moves by Games.