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Top 4 Most Annoying NPC Characters Of All Time


At their best, video games, as a medium, can rival any other at creating immersive narrative experiences. From thrilling plots and virtual worlds to endearing characters and gripping action, when done right video games can blow everything else out of the water. You wouldn’t see anything like Shadow of the Colossus in opera.

Unfortunately, not everything always goes right. Obviously some games are just outright terrible. Others achieve near greatness but are marred by just one character who’s not on the same page as the rest of the game. Join us now as we look at four of the most annoying non-player characters ever to be coded into life.

Guns Don’t Kill People, iOS Games Do: A Look at Gun Control and Violence in Video Games

Ruaidhri Walker

As a writer who has the ear and attention of no-one, and with no authority do I say the following: Video Games Do Not Make Gamers Violent, and anyone who says otherwise is going to get got!

It’s easy for me, I’m a middle-class, reasonably well off white male, aged in his mid 20’s and of Irish-English descent, living in England I have little to no experience of guns. Well, actually I live in quite a rural area and my neighbour once shot at a hot air balloon that was flying over head, but he is kind of mental, and that’s the point, some people are just not right in the head.

The Top 10 moments in The Legend of Zelda series


Chances are, if you’ve ever attacked a chicken (and consequently been mauled by several other chickens) you’ve been playing a Legend of Zelda game.  If you haven’t, I would get yourself assessed.  The following article is a top 10 list of the best moments in The Legend of Zelda series.  Make that a top 11 list, if you count the chickens.

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition – How Not To Die


Having been an Elder Scrolls fan boy for a while now, I had originally decided to give Dark Souls a miss. Compared to the Elder Scrolls series, it seemed clunky, slow paced and boring, and with what seemed like an awfully told narrative. However, once one has completed Skyrim enough times, there’s only so much more you can stomach. So hey, I decided to finally give Dark Souls: Prepare to Die a go. And well.. yeah, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Five Exceptions to Rule 34


Rule 34. Those ventured in internet exploring will be well versed in the rule and undoubtedly have mental scars from its effects. For those that stay away from the darker corners of the web, choosing instead to use its browsing capabilities for looking at pictures of small puppies, Rule 34 is as simple as it is disturbing: if it exists, there is porn of it. Think of your favourite childhood cartoon. Think of the nostalgia, how warm and fuzzy you feel remember a time of innocence and youth. Now imagine the two main characters of that show having sex and someone, somewhere, jacking off to it. The internet is a horrible place.

In one last attempt to see if humanity does still have any last ounce of humility, join me on an epic quest to find the last remaining shreds of pop culture that haven’t fallen foul to the rotten rule. Lock your rooms and open up your incognito windows as this journey won’t be kind on internet histories.

Top 6 Dick Moves by Games

Ruaidhri Walker

We’ve all had that moment where you just want to scream at your screen “THAT’S NOT FAIR”, the computer has moved the goal posts, tipped the odds in its favour or just flat-out cheated for its own agenda. Here at PixelBedlam we’ve been putting up with these tactics for years, but not any more, we’re calling you out games! Here’s our list of the 6 Biggest Dick Moves by Games.

Marine Teddy-Bear Teams: Emotional Surrogates In Gaming


I’m guessing about, I dunno, 50% of you or thereabouts had a teddy bear when they were a kid. Or still do. The figure for that is about 30% of adults still have ’em. I’m not here to judge. We’ve still got a giant elephant in our closet that we haven’t been able to give away (because of, uh, reasons). Point is, we can get attached to inanimate objects. Or rather, we get attached to insentient objects because while I’ve been gaming these long twenty years past there have been moments, and I’m sure some of you might know what I’m talking about, when you’ve gotten attached either to some in-game object or an NPC.

From Pixels to Emotion: The Search for Feelings in Games

Ruaidhri Walker

Charlie was a good man. We had flown through all of Sector six together. He didn’t socialise with the other crew much, he knew he had a job to do and he just got on with it, as any good pilot would have. He was my go to guy, he had more experience than the rest of the crew. In our time we had seen ship mates come and go, some got ill trying to sort out an infection on a mining colony, other’s met their gods during fierce battles, each death was noble and without question of orders. Charlie’s death was more important though, Charlie’s death was the first one I cared about.

Brink: The Best Class Based Shooter This Generation

Ruaidhri Walker

Brink got screwed, there I said it, this game deserved hype, love and money, but it got nothing. I’ve tried my hand at many online shooters, some I’ve done well at, some just caressed my hair and told me they loved me whilst setting fire to my possessions. While I was unemployed a couple of years back I go more than a little bit into World of Warcraft, it was probably a psychological thing of me having nothing in my life at the time but being able to be someone in WoW blah blah blah, since then I haven’t really subscribed to anything that’s Online Only. That is until I picked up a game that I thought may be a bit like Mirror’s Edge (Which you can read here on how I’m in love with), that games was Brink.

Top 5 Games to Play Before The End of The World


Games are wonderful. They immerse us into worlds and stories a way no other medium can. They can excite us, annoy us; they can make us feel happy and sad. They can be a nice way to relax and take a break from reality or they can be a seriously competitive way to spend an evening. With the amount of titles on offer across all the consoles ever released, we could spend many lifetimes playing games. Unfortunately for us the world is ending tomorrow, leaving little time left to game. That makes each minute precious; no time should be wasted hunting gamerscore in Avatar or torturing your patience in Dark Souls; every minute gaming must be a joy. Here are five games to squeeze in before the apocalypse to make your passage into oblivion a nicer one.

Skyrim: “I almost caught the dragon!”


South Park‘s 2007 episode “Guitar Queer-O” not only took on a great parody of the Harmonix game series, but created the  fictional “Herion Hero”, a game in which you chase a dragon – but the catch is… well, that’s exactly it – you don’t ever catch the dragon.  Bethesda’s Skyrim, made several years after the South Park episode, puts me in mind of this game.  You do catch the dragon this time around (or its soul, at least), but this is one hell of an addiction.  True, I never really liked RPGs that much, if at all; they always left a banal taste in my mouth.  Skyrim – however – well that just shoots straight through your veins.  Choose no life, choose Skyrim, choose a fucking big television.

Top 5 Underrated Open-world Games

Ruaidhri Walker

With Grand Theft Auto V, rightly so, causing a tingle in many gamers pants with its latest trailer, and games like Saints Row The Third getting enough sales to fund the development of a country made of brothels it’s easy to just think of these two series as the only open-world games in existence. Clearly that’s a stupid way to think and with that narrow mindset put to one side we at PixelBedlam present the Open-world games that didn’t change the world, but deserve a play; whether it’s the story, the gameplay or just the experience, here is our top 5 most underrated open-world games.

‘Don’t make a girl a promise’: A Brief History of Halo, Part Three



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‘They let me pick, did I ever tell you that?’ These are Cortana’s opening words in Halo 3. They – the UNSC – let her pick, and she picked the best of the best.  An icon, not only in a universe filled with alien races with a penchant for the colour purple, but for a whole generation of gamers.  And after going through so much – dying, reloading, scratching your head at its ludicrous plot, you feel like you’ve reached the final chapter of something important, and that’s because you have.  You are the Master Chief after all, and you’re here to save the galaxy.  Sure, you might have saved it from Reapers or Sith or any number of black and red orientated bad guys, but this is different… okay, maybe it’s not, but let’s at least wrap it up until the end of the next trilogy in 2018.

A Resident Evil 4 Retrospective: “What are ya buyin’?”


To quote The Mighty Boosh‘s Hitcher: “Elements of the past and the future combining to make something not quite as good as either.” That pretty much sums up the current trend of the Resident Evil series.  But there was a point in 2005 when it took a U-turn, that not only surpassed (in my eyes) its predecessors’ survival horror roots, but has never come close to topping with subsequent releases: Resident Evil 4.

‘I will ask, and you will answer’: A Brief History of Halo, Part Two


Miss Part One? Read it here:

Halo 2 is the tortuous story that follows on from the destruction of the Halo ring in Combat Evolved. It’s the Attack of the Clones’ bureaucracy to A New Hope’s simplistic wonder. That’s not to say the game itself is bad (dual weapons wielding and a cloaking device spring to mind), but this is the one that is essential to understanding Halo 3.  And it gets a little confusing.

The Last of His Kind: A Brief History of Halo, Part One


I’ll level with you: up until about 6 weeks ago I had no interest in the Halo franchise.  I bought an Xbox – the original one, made from pinball machines – not long after launch.  I also bought its ‘killer app’ (as marketing execs and teenage mutant ninja turtles would be wont to say).  My initial thoughts at the time were, ‘this looks great’ and also ‘this looks boring’.  I held that belief for almost ten years, until curiosity got the better of me (and because a brand new trilogy was on its way).  Turns out I loved Halo the second time through… but this article isn’t about the whys of gameplay, or the hows of instigating a new era of shooters.  No, this is about the one thing that even my indifferent self of ten years was curious about.  The story of Halo…

Arkham Asylum: A Psychological Profile


“Some idiot is running around the asylum, dressed like a bat…! I know! Crazy!”  While the Joker’s words could be viewed as – and admittedly are, if you’re sad like me – funny, there is something unsettling about them.  2009’s Arkham Asylum is, at the very least, one of my favourite games of recent times.  Everything it excels at is there in a neat package: graphics, storyline, script, gameplay, voice acting – but there is something else that makes it so masterful.  It’s a head fuck.

Top 5 Best Gaming Special Editions


The current generation of gaming has seen ‘special’ editions go from a genuine rarity to something expected with every big release; the previous generation of consoles had 37 special edition releases, the current has over a whopping 125 (and counting). Cynics would call them nothing more than an effort to part gamers with even more of their hard-earned cash, with some offerings little more than in-game bonuses and DLC, whilst figurines seem to be the current flavour of the month.