Electro Bobble – PC Review

Have you ever wanted to throw an old school, vertical scrolling shooter into a blender with a 90's platform game? Have you ever imagined having an epic battle with a thunder cloud? If you answered yes to any of the above then Electro Bobble may well be the game of your dreams... and if not; you might just find yourself having a damn good time anyway.

Evoland – PC Review

Ruadihri straps himself in for a hell of a nostalgia ride with PC indie joy, Evoland. Part Action RPG and part history book, Evoland is a great mix of all of the best bits of RPGs and a nice digital document of gaming's past.

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition – Mac / PC Review

Do you remember many years ago when a game meant something more than a 4 hour campaign and tacked on multi-player? Do you remember when seeing the game over screen was not just a chance to reload your last checkpoint? More importantly, do you remember the last time a game showed you its teeth and didn't just hand you victory after victory wrapped in pretty packages? Baldur's Gate does and it wants you to roll up your sleeves and dive in head first... are you up to the task?