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Published May 24, 2013

Dog Bin

*Plot spoilers for Avengers Assemble referenced – you’ve been warned, franjipan*

Joss Whedon, a highly successful balding ginger man, has included another Easter egg for the sequel to the smash hit movie, Avengers Assemble.  The first film includes a reference to the game Galaga, an arcade space invaders style shooter.  The end of the film sees an invasion of aliens descending upon earth, in a similar fashion.

Our inside reporter at Dog Bin, Colin Bo, managed to view a similar scene at the set of Avengers 2.

‘While Black Widow and Iron Man are talking in that cooky, wacky way Joss Whedon and Xander Harris do, Bruce Banner is seen playing Conker’s Bad Fur Day in the background.’

joss whedon

Nothing unusual there, we say, but Colin Bo managed to get a look at the final battle of the film, filmed almost entirely to the backdrop of a blue screen.

‘Like the first film with the Galaga reference, the Conker’s Bad Fur Day scene is a gentle nod towards the ending,’ said Colin Bo. ‘Basically, the Avengers fight a huge creature made of shit, which slings sweet corn at them.  Once they vanquish it, they realise it opens up the Boca-do-inferno, or Hellmouth if you translate it from the original Portuguese.’ air max blancas air max blancas