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Published May 10, 2013

Dog Bin

Chuck Jager, creative director for Folk Singer games, has claimed that GTA V (Grand Theft Arsehole) will be 14 times the size of ‘every game we’ve ever made, put together’.  The ambitious cockney has stated that it’s 6 times the size of the 2010 Wild West hit, Flogging A Dead Horse, 5 times the size of GTA IV and 3 times the size of Big Crime in a Sandbox: Muchacho.

‘Those screen shots are all in-game,’ said Jager. ‘They’re running on a 24 core, 1 THz processor, with 89GB of memory and a GTX-69 Radial Fisting graphics card.’  While visually impressive, it was pointed out that these required specs would make it impossible to run on any current gen system.  The team at Dog Bin had an exclusive play test, and their opinions were somewhat divided.


‘It looks great… initially,’ our resident reporter Blanka confirmed. ‘But it soon became clear that the textures, when you get up close to things, are just recycled newspapers dating back to 2001.’

Chuck Jager also mentioned that the draw distance is far more impressive than previous Folk Singer games.  ‘You can now see ten miles into the distance.  It’s still blurry – but we’re trying to keep it as realistic as possible.’

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