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Published February 19, 2013

Following the success of the popular Flick Champions, and Flick Champions World Editions, Nawia Games and Chillingo have paired up again to bring us a Winter themed edition of the well-received game, for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. You start by choosing which country you want to compete for, and help get to the top of the leader board. Then you are greeted by the menu screen, which allows you to choose which game mode you want to start playing in. You can go for a quick game, and have a fast paced thrilling match of either, Slalom, Skating, Ski Jumping, Ice Hockey, Curling or a fun Snowball Fight. My personal favorite has to be Slalom, as I am really competitive with myself, and just love trying to get through all of those gates!

When you choose your game, you are greeted with the ‘opponent set up’ screen, which basically allows you to choose the difficulty level, the nation you want to compete against and the colour you race in, as well as game-play options. This allows for a lot of customization with the game, ensuring it is always different and never gets old. You can instantly get a feel for the high level of effort that has gone into making this game, as it is filled with detail.

Flick Champions

When you have had a go on many of the quick games, and fancy something a little different, you can decide to fulfill the daily challenge, which sets many objectives that you can complete to earn tokens and XP, this includes challenges such as passing 45 gates in a day, or staying on the ice for six minutes. They are quite tricky to do, so it really feels rewarding when you finally complete them and get your reward! Talking about rewards, you can go and see how well you are doing in your games, by clicking on the ‘Trophies’ option on the main menu, and flicking through the achievements, to see what you have gained, and what you can still do. Again, these reward you with XP and tokens, depending on the difficultly of the achievement. Seen how well you are doing, well why not look down and see how you are ranking in the world? Flick Champions Winter Sports ranks each nation in order of their success, so depending how well you do, your country could really benefit from your flicking and swiping skills! If this wasn’t enough, you can win cups for your effort, so there are so many incentives to do awesome in the game, which I love, because as I have said before, I am massively competitive!

flick champions

The games have fairly simple controls, that are explained to you at the start of every game. So pay attention at the beginning, or you may miss little tips, such as the fact that tapping your character in the Snowball fight will give your throw more power.  Feel like a pro though? Well you can turn off the tutorials in the options panel. You pick up the controls easily, and it is just about mastering them and getting cups to become awesome at the game. With so many levels, customisations and unlockables, this game has plenty of hours of play time stashed into it, and a high replay value.


When you have gained plenty of tokens, due to your awesome Flick Champions Winter Sports skills, you can visit the Items store, to stock up on goodies to help you in your quest to be No1. With perks for each of the games, such as an Exploding Puck for Ice Hocking, and a Big Snowball for the Snowball Fight, the chances of you gaining a medal will increased with each purchase. If you want perks, but don’t have the patience to unlock XP and tokens, why not head to the store, and buy a pack of tokens for various reasonable prices. Pretty neat huh?


All in all, this game is pretty awesome, it has a high replay value, awesome graphics and brilliant attention to detail, and plenty of achievements to keep even the best players entertained. I should add here that the music is also pretty cool, and quite motivational actually! Nawia Games and Chillingo have hit the spot with their latest installment in the Flick Champions series, and with Winter slowly disappearing outside, why not keep the season going inside, from the comfort of your iPhone/iPad.

Score 8


+ High replay value

+ Excellent achievements and unlocks

+ Competitive and Unique

– Ice Hockey game is a little too static.


+ Great attention to detail

+ Brilliant bright and fun graphics


+ Lively soundtrack

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