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Published December 6, 2012

Nitro Chimp is the newest installment from the guys over at C2 Game Studio, for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad for us lucky gamers to try our hand at. It is a fast paced, crazy action arcade game that sees you steering the cheeky chip past many dangers and towards pleasing power-ups that give your stunt monkey some extra oomph!

When you first open the game you are met with a few training races that give you a handy guide to the games controls, either tilt or touch, and allows you to choose which one you prefer in order to create your best moves and avoid the pesky gorilla who is on your case! Personally I preferred touch, but it is truly up to you. It additionally gives you an introduction on how to perform some mad stunts, including wheelies, mid air flips and handstands. In the game, you have a chance to perform these stunts to get boosts, which are incredibly useful during game play!

The game consists of one level, due to its format as an endless runner, and challenges you to gain the best score possible, before you are thrown from your bike by the chasing gorilla or the many in road hazards, such as spiked road bumps and hidden walls that will suddenly pop out of the ground! It becomes increasingly addictive as you attempt to best your last score, totting up points from crazy stunts, or knocking the furry gorilla shaped nemesis off his motorbike! The longer you can stay on your two wheeled speed machine, the higher your score, so here’s to not falling off, which is a lot easier said than done!

If racing along performing amazing stunts at high speeds was not enough entertainment for you, you are met with various missions and challenges, that pop up at the start of the race, that you can complete in order to level up. These range from knocking off your gorilla enemy a certain amount of times, or meeting specific stunt combos. So not only are you trying to not fall off in a very fast paced game, you also want to fit in as many missions as possible! It is very fun and addictive, not to mention frustrating at time, mainly due to your arch nemesis, the pesky gorilla!

In the game, you gain gold ‘Nitro’ coins as you race along the track, or through completing the set missions. These coins serve a valuable purpose, as they allow you to purchase a great abundance of goodies in the games ‘Nitro store’ to enhance the game play. Purchasable items include ‘Chimpware’ for your monkey, which allows you to dress him up as anything from an astronaut to a zombie! The ‘Bikeware’ section of the store gives you the chance to change or upgrade your two wheeled motor, and the power-ups section allows you to buy new stunts and skills, such as ‘Superman’ or ‘Cancan’.  If you just cannot wait to earn these upgrades, you have the option to buy more coins from the store, at reasonable prices! So for those who are eager to dress their chimp as a zombie and teach him to do a handstand whilst driving, you can go and buy it instantly!

If you are proud of your kick ass stunts, why not take a photo in game of them to share with your friends and fellow gamers, as Nitro Chimp allows you to do this in game! Pretty cool right? Another way to show how good you are, just pop over to the achievements board to see what you have ticked off, and what you can go back and try and do! However a small downside I have with the achievements are that a handful of them get you to share your game on Facebook or Twitter, or take and share in game photos and to buy coins to upgrade with. Either way, a few of them tend to focus on the games promotion rather than your achievements as a player.

Overall, Nitro Chimp has brilliant graphics, which are brightly coloured to keep up with the fast paced and crazy theme of the game. The soundtrack is additionally changeable if you navigate into the jukebox from the menu screen, with the game even allowing you to play your own music as you play, scattered with the sounds of motorbikes and chimp cries. It seems like a great idea at first, but after a while, The Black Keys, coupled with monkey noises, seemed to prove too much for me after a while, too many contrasting sounds! Downsides, the loading screens take a little while to load, which detracts from the games pace a little, and at times, the game feels too repetitive, but that is the case with many endless runners. However Nitro Chimp is a brilliant and crazy game from those over at C2 Game Studio and Chillingo, and is hard to put down.

Game Play

+ Fast Paced, Addictive, Rewarding, Crazy Stunts, Brilliant in Game Mods and Upgrades.
–  Repetitive, No Final Goal


+ Bright, Detailed Characters, Simple but Effective Landscapes
– Slow Loading Screen


+ Cool Jukebox, Add Own Music
– Can Clash At Times With In Game Sounds

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