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Published April 7, 2014

I know I’m a little late to the party but I still want to say my piece. As a long-term fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I had mixed feelings when I was informed that there was a new film in the making. This shifted into dread when the news reached my ears that Michal Bay was going to produce it and my blood boiled when I saw the words “Megan Fox to play April O’Neil”.

Megan Fox as April o Neil

Now that I have calmed down (Kinda) I think should discuss with you my hopes and fears for the upcoming film. Before that I want to get a Nerd Rant out of my system, so bare with me. I hate Megan Fox. I detest her. In every single film she has starred in she plays the same character with minor alterations. The same dumbass sex object who’s only concern is to get laid and wear as little clothes as possible. April was one of my idols growing up, yeah she got kidnapped constantly but she was still a very likable and interesting character and over the years they improved her. Now they have ruined that, in the trailer she just stands there filming the chaos around her with almost no reaction! If she is just as annoying as she was in Transformers then I’m writing her name in the death note when I get my hands on it. Also I swear to Batman that Michal Bay ruins our beloved franchises on purpose, like he lives on the rage and disappointment of diehard, long term fans. If I did have a working Death note I would have put his name in it a long time ago. If he dies of a heart attack you know who did it!

Rant over. Let’s begin!



Well I may be in the minority but I kinda like the new look of the Turtles. Yeah okay they look like Shrek with shells but it could have been worse. Also from what we have seen Michelangelo still has his laidback surfer-like personality. So they might be able to pull this off. I hope that the other turtles are true to their characters and we get some brotherly moments as well as character development.

And… That’s the only good things I can say.



One last thing against Megan Fox, or rather her look in the film, would it have killed them to give her a ginger wig or something!! I hate what they have done to the foot clan, there now this terrorist group, which would have been cool but they look like your rent-a-terrorist group with oversized guns. I’m sorry, but weren’t they ninjas? I guess I shouldn’t get my hopes up too much as after all this is Michal Bay we are talking about here. I dread the god awful “modern” catchphrases and “jokes” already.

All in all I will go see the film and I will admit I am looking forward to it a little, but I am still apprehensive about it. Now, If you excuse me, there is a pepperoni pizza with my name on it and I’m going to watch space heroes with the boys.

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