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Published May 31, 2013

Incredible Jack is the latest release from Belmac Interactive. The game sees you playing at the titular Jack, who seems to have self assigned the prefix of Incredible. You, as Jack, must go around the world and save your kids from the clutches of various unlikable sorts. Incredible Jack is a platform puzzle game that is light on the puzzles. Generally puzzles can be solved by rolling a stone somewhere.

Incredible Jack iOS Review Screen

One of the reasons I rate this game so highly is the sheer quality of production involved. The touch screen controls are amazingly responsive and when that is mixed with such a high frame rate this makes platforming a joy. No lag on-screen or with controls means that jumping around and attacking enemies isn’t a chore like on most iOS platforming games.

Enemies come in various forms, generally based on what themed world you are visiting. Ice world, Lava World, Forest World, basically any theme you’ve seen in a Mario game is on show here. A lot of the enemies are recycled from one world to the next and none really pose much of a challenge. The game is really quite easy until some cheapness on the designer’s part later in the game, insta-kill lava and falling blocks are more irritating than challenging. The bosses are simplistic to say the least, dodge the attack and jump on the head. It could be because I’ve been gaming for over 20 years but when the final boss of a game can be killed first try without losing a single heart, then there is some balancing issues. Before each boss there is a small bit of dialogue and these tend to feature either bad jokes or stilted writing. For a game where everything else, music/graphics/programming, is so polished it seems like a bit more time could have been put into the script.

Incredible Jack iOS Review Screen

The game features 37 levels at launch, and I’m sure if this game is a success they will be releasing more. The levels all feature the usual 3 star ratings that you get in most games but in all honesty I’m not sure of my personal replay value in it. The game puts a lot of emphasis on the collecting of coins, which sole purpose is to purchase extra heart slots and more air for when you fall in water, both fine in principle but I wish there was just something more there. New costumes or abilities would be nice, I’m not looking for a reason for a game to shoe horn in In App Purchases but I just feel like the developers could have added that extra little something to make the collecting of coins feel more worthwhile and rewarding.

Incredible Jack iOS Review Screen

I have no kids, but if I was cruel enough to inflict my parenthood on an offspring this would be the perfect game to distract them when I had stuff to do. The controls are clear and once you explained to them that they need to jump on enemies to kill them then really they could work it out for themselves. The bright colours, happy-go-lucky story about kidnapped family members and clear morales mean there is nothing offensive or confusing for them. I would heartily recommend this game to a very young child.

Incredible Jack iOS Review Screen

Overall this is a solid platformer. Incredible Jack features great aesthetics, wonderfully simple and responsive controls and the style and ease of a game that is perfect for family members of any age. It’s let down by some slightly off writing and gameplay that doesn’t vary much from the start of the game to the end but with kids in mind this is a great platformer to start their education in gaming.

Score 7


+Solid Platformer


+Potential Introduction For Kids Into Platformers

+Perfect Touch Screen Controls

-Little Variation From Level 1 – Level 37

-Writing Leaves A Lot To Be Desired


+Great Soundtrack

+No Grating Sound Effects


+Amazing Frame rate

+Characters Are Unique

-Main Characters Are Kinda Creepy

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