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Published May 3, 2013

Dog Bin

Keanu Reeves, most famously known for his role as Ted ‘Theodore’ Logan, has been spotted taking pictures of depressed people, or just people wanting to eat their lunch in peace.

The 48 year old actor has reacted to last year’s memes – of a picture of himself sitting on a bench (which was subsequently turned into paper cut-outs for people to use on their computer monitors).  He was quoted as saying, ‘They went too far.’

So far Mr Reeves has targeted therapy clinics, service stations and local bars.  One person photographed by the superstar, who wishes to remain nameless, said, ‘I’ve just lost my job, on top of that I’m going through a divorce – I just want to drink and not be hassled, but instead this man everyone feels sorry for keeps taking pictures of me.’

Keanu Reeves

Helen Wattle, a marketing manager from Leeds, had this to say: ‘I’m not an unhappy person – in fact, I went to eat my lunch on a bench the other day because – for a first – it was sunny outside.  The next day, I find people putting paper cut-outs of me on their desks.’

While police have warned Mr Reeves of his breach of privacy, he claims he’s not the only one doing it. ‘Leonardo DeCaprio’s been taking pictures of people grinning like twats for the past year.’

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