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Published January 27, 2013

We don’t normally do news here on PixelBedlam, however here is something that will slip under many people’s radar and something that, if you have a slightly grey moral compass, you should take advantage of. I woke up this morning to news of Mame working on iOS devices, iPad and iPhones that haven’t been jailbroken can now play Arcade Emulator extraordinaire MAME. Gridlee was a game produced in 1982 and the creators have recently ported it to iOS, to do this they used a MAME backend, which can be, shall we say, manipulated. Long story short all those Arcade games you played as a kid you can now play on the go on your iPad without damaging it! Guide starts after the jump –

Quick Guide to Getting MAME on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch-


Go onto app store and download this game:


Run Gridlee on iOS Device then close it once you have entered a game, just do first level to be sure.


Download iExplorer to PC or Mac from here (FREE DEMO VERSION IS FINE) :



Plug in iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch to PC/Mac and run iExplorer (iFunbox).


Go to Apps on left hand side and find Gridlee.


Open Gridlee and goto Documents folder.


Open Roms folder and drag Roms from your desktop to the Roms folder (still in Zip Files)


Unplug iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and run Gridlee.


BOOM! MAME is running on your i-Device!


To get the Roms just do a bit of Googling (Romnation is my personal favourite), it’s quite hit and miss as to what works but I have found a number that are great. I wont post up links to Roms as although I am encouraging use of this exploit there’s a line I wont allow PixelBedlam to step across. This app will be taken down by Apple any day now as news spreads SO GET IT NOW!

I’ll update this post with any more information or tips I hear of, but for now, go and give this a try and allow yourself to play excellent arcade games on your iPad!

[Source and props to TouchArcade Forums for finding this out:]


UPDATE: Whilst the App Gridlee is still on App Store i’ve been looking up what happens if it is removed. I have found a program called iFunbox (found here: which allows you to produce an .IPA package of said app. This saves it to your computer allowing you to re-install at a later date. iFunBox is also a great alternative to iExplore. Up to you which you use, both are free, iFunBox is generally useful though, transferring files (or roms in this articles case) is just a case of drag and drop. canada goose jacke herren canada goose jacke herren

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  1. If there is one thing I sorely miss on iPhones, it is ROMs. Nokia’s Symbian may have been a poor platform but I could play GBA games on it which more than made up for any of its faults.

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