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Published October 28, 2013

Mega Dead Pixel Title Screen Review

When I was little, I always wondered what happened to all of the video game characters that died. Did someone come and sweep up all the little dead Mario characters that had been lost, battling valiantly to save the princess? But I digress.

Mega Dead Pixel is one of the newest releases from Chillingo. It is described as an “Addictive Arcade Retro Pixel Endless Faller”. Having absolutely no idea what this meant, I set about playing it.

Essentially, you place your cursor next to the falling obstacles to paint the black pixels and score. This did confuse me for a short while. I haven’t played a game that is anything like this that involves falling objects since the days of Tetris. (Actually, no it was Dr. Mario – anyone remember that game? Catchy soundtrack!)

Mega Dead Pixel Screen Shot Review

You can collect white pixels to make your cursor grow, so as you aren’t beaten by the objects falling directly on top of your cursor. You can also get coins to buy new obstacles … and hats. Who doesn’t love a good hat?

The thing that hits you immediately about this game are the design style and the soundtrack. The design is wonderfully colourful and retro, the pixels are good fun to look at, and whilst the colour pallet may not be exceedingly easy on the eye (It can be a little bit gaudy) it definitely has a lovely feel to it.

The same can be said for the soundtrack. It recommends that you play the game with headphones in, and I tend to agree with that sentiment. The soundtrack does add a very colourful feel into it.

Mega Dead Pixel Screen Review

The gameplay can take a little bit of getting used to. It leads you through the tutorials, as any game does, and by the end of the tutorial I still felt a little bit lost as to what the overall objective of the game was. You do pick it up though. The biggest grope that I have with the game though, is the controls.

The controls are a little bit off and finicky. It reminds me so much of why I would rather have a controller in my hand, as opposed to using a touch screen system for games. When you are controlling things with your fingers on a touch screen, things can get a little bit off for me. There is a greater room for error with this than with say a controller or indeed a mouse and keyboard.

However, with that major gripe aside, this is an okay game. I mean, it is certainly original. I haven’t come across anything like it in a good while. It is colourful, it’s very cheerful, and it is another one of those pick up and play and put down games, though a little bit more thought will have to go into it than the average iOS game.

It breaks no ground, and whilst nor overtly to my tastes, it is certainly a game that I can see a lot of people enjoying, if only for the wonderfully nostalgic feel of it all. air max 97 air max 97