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Published May 31, 2013

Dog Bin

The Xbox One.  With the capacity to view a movie at the same time  as Skyping your buddy, playing the latest NFL game and also creating your dream team (as we at Dog Bin are so super psyched about), the question of how you actually do these things simultaneously has arisen.

While everyone’s sister has the ability to read the latest celebrity magazine at the same time as watching Hollyoaks on the telly, the majority of people can’t multitask in this way, unless they detach an eye that can still see, somehow.

Microsoft’s answer is a new peripheral announced today, called the McMurphy.  The McMurphy, named after the Ken Kesey character in One Flew over The Cuckoo’s Nest, is a device that people attach to their cerebral cortex.  Free clinics have been set up, to allow the surgical insertion of the device, which lets you multitask on the Xbox One.

“Eventually the device burns out,” said developer, Troy American. “At which point its host will die.  However, by purchasing Microsoft points, the device will keep you alive.”

‘We’re very excited,’ said a Microsoft spokesman. ‘If you value your life, you’ll purchase Microsoft products.  Forever.’

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