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Published January 7, 2014

The world of video games is a huge ever expanding universe in which many people only scratch the surface of the vast plethora of games offered but below the barrage of FPS and triple A wankery there are smaller more obscure games that offer fantastic experiences but for one reason or another have failed to come to prominence. The following list is a tribute to three obscure games that I feel should have been given more attention.

1. Dark Chronicle- Playstation 2 (2003)

Dark Chronicle PS2 2

The very mention of this game sends a cold shiver down my spine and I get flashbacks to the hundreds of hours I put into this game. Dark chronicle is an action RPG which features many outside features such as city construction, fishing, item collecting and time travel. The main crux of the game has the player battling monsters and finding items in randomly generated dungeons as the games protagonists Max and Monica.

Dark Chronicle PS2

The secondary goals of the game see the player take control of an ancient robot called the Georama in order to restore the towns within the world which have been destroyed by the games antagonist Griffon, the player does this by using items collected in dungeons to build items like houses and windmills. The think the made my nine-year old self fall in love with this game is the variety of things the player could do, want to build a town, build away. Want to go fishing, fish away. Want to bash the heads of small creatures in with a wrench or battle mech (just me?), you can do that to. This jack of all game play and the exquisite art style, music and charming characters make me keep coming back to this game whenever I’m looking for a game to replay and I’m never disappointed.

2. Tombi!- Playstation (1998)

To put it simply Tombi! is a joy to play this 2.5D side scroller features everything that makes platformers great and adds a unique style I haven’t seen in any other game on the Playstation one. The story of the game follows the protagonist a purple haired boy reminiscent of Tarzan named Tombi in his search for his grandfathers bangle which was stolen by the evil pigs who have taken over the world.

The artwork for the game is beautiful with Disney-esque environments which look fantastic for the an early PSone game. The character sprites are clear and detailed with fluid movement, I can’t help but smile every time Tombi sends one of the evil pigs hurtling across the screen.

The outrageousness the developers injected into the game is one of the main reasons the game has the amazing charm, the plot is ridiculous, the characters are over the top, The colour palette is garish and all of these qualities make the game so loveable. The developer camp whoopee succeeded in making Tombi! a fantastic game which I truly believe was a head of its time.

3. Power Stone- Dreamcast (1999)

Everyone love and has played the classic fighting games Mortal Combat, Street Fighter and Tekken but Power Stone takes the formula for fighting games and looks at it from a slightly different angle. The game is set in 19th century and features a group of warriors battling it out to find the legendary power stone which will grant it holder with the power to make their fondest wishes come true. The gameplay is fast and frantic with the player being able to use weapons, the environment and each character’s unique abilities in order to beat their opponent into a pulp.

PowerStone Screen Shot Game Dreamcast

As a child the most amazing feature of the game for me and my friend was when the player collects three of the randomly appearing power stones their character transforms and becomes much more powerful. I never understood why this game wasn’t a massive hit the art work is great, the gameplay is fast and frantic and there are hours of re-playability as each time story mode is completed new items and features are unlocked.

What other obscure games have you played that you felt should be more appreciated?

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