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The Elder Scrolls Online, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Console MMO

Jonas Alexander

With the potential of a console release of an Elder Scrolls MMO, is this a chance for gamers who haven’t gone near MMO’s before to experience the fun? or should we be a bit more reserved in our hopes for this new Elder Scrolls game?

Kaiju Video Games: Big Creatures in a Small City – The Best Examples of a Niche Genre

Ruaidhri Walker

With Pacific Rim bringing the concept of Kaiju to the masses Ruaidhri looks back at some of the best video games to feature big monsters beating seven shades out of each other not caring for the collateral damage of cities.

Too Hype Or Not Too Hype: A Look At The Gaming Press


In today’s world of entertainment the media machine is a factory process line; from preview to review, it’s a step by step construction/destruction of what ever is in its way. It is a catch 22, vicious cycle; for something to be big it needs to be popular and for something for popular it needs to be big. But big isn’t enough and passion is now obsession; the gaming press feed off the cries of the huddled masses waiting for the tiniest morsel of information. Where did the journey begin? And is there a way to get off?