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Published April 3, 2013

The best games are often the ones that are easy to pick up but hard to master. It allows gamers of all skill levels to play and enjoy but also rewards those willing to put the time and effort into mastering the gameplay. Robi: Cosmic Saviour takes this concept and nails it, creating an addictively simply game with enough complexity to encourage strategic play.

Robi’s idea is very simple: stop asteroids from colliding into your little word using Robi’s gravity gun. This can achieved by simply flinging away any rock that comes your way with little care or attention.For those willing to delve into it a little more, Robi is much deeper than a simple flick-a-thon.

Robi cosmic savoir 1

The asteroids hell-bent on destroying Robi and his world come in four types. If two of the same type are hurled into each other, they will not only both be destroyed but will leave behind resources that can be collected by Robi’s small companion with a tap of the screen. These resources can be used in the game’s shop to buy aids towards high-scores such as missiles, shields and a cool down, which heals the planet. These power-ups are activated very intuitively by either double tapping, pinching or expanding the screen. The asteroids can also orbit around the planet by swiping around it when launching them, creating a barrier against incoming objects and helping to destroy asteroids when things become frantic.

Unfortunately for poor Robi’s the planet is always doomed with his valiant efforts only ever delaying the inevitable. The aim then is to survive as long as possible; high-scores accumulate as time progresses, with extra points awarded at the end for resources collected. The planet can only withstand a few collisions and will gradually edge towards destruction with every hit. Visually it’s a nice system, with the planet slowly cracking before exploding. It does though make it hard to tell just how close to defeat you are; a health bar showing just how much health the planet has would certainly be helpful. The planet can either be healed through the cool-down power up or by orbiting blue asteroids, which are kind enough rain down a healing water on Robi.

Robi cosmic savoir

Like many other ‘endless’ games popular on iOS, Robi has missions which boosts the score multiplier when completed. These are all pretty uninspired, such as collect x number of resources or fling a certain number of asteroids in space, and are normally unlocked through play rather than having to specifically focus on getting them. It does though ensure that the more dedicated players are rewarded with bigger and better high scores.

Each game has a nice difficulty curve, starting off with two asteroid types coming in at a slow and steady pace before all four types are charging in from every angle. Things though can get a little too hectic at times meaning strategic gameplay isn’t just throw out the window, it’s hurled from the top of a 100-story building with a rock tied to it. It can be frustrating as there can be simply too many asteroids to take care of, forcing the use of a shield or cool down until things get a little easier.

Robi is a great looking game with a surprising level of detail. Even the asteroids are animated to look scared when you fling them, turning Robi from a cute little hero to something altogether more cruel and sinister. The colours are crisp and the frame-rate holds up well, even when encountering more asteroids than you’d see in Russia.

Robi cosmic savoir 2

The game is free to download but includes micro-transactions of purchasing extra resources. These micro-transaction though are never intrusive, they are there as an option for impatient gamers but Robi can be enjoyed fully without ever touching them.

Robi is a great little game and as it’s free it’s impossible not to recommend. Some gamers may be daunted by how frantic gameplay can become but for those willing for a challenge it’s one that really rewards clever play.

Score 8Gameplay

+ Addictive

+ Easy to get into

+ Nice difficulty curve

– Things can get too hectic


+ Nice detail

+ Frame-rate holds up well

– One level means there is a lack of variety


+ Sci-fi tune compliments game well

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