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Published January 11, 2013

Episode 6 – Alone In The Podcast

Welcome to the Scratched Disc Podcast, a weekly gaming ramble brought to you by two PixelBedlam writers Callum and Ben as well as their friend Matt.  Each Friday they’ll look over the week in gaming, share what they’ve been playing and digress onto unrelated topics.

In episode six we’re back for another year of podcasting madness and what better way to celebrate than a look back at our Christmas secret santa review-a-thon and a look into the future of 2013’s new gaming gold.

On top of that we have recovering FIFA addict Ben Tyrer sound agitated about giving up FIFA, Callum slowly recovering from Alone In The Dark and Matt Mace just recovering from whatever has happened to him recently. Probably.

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Legal Note: Music used in the show is used under the Creative Commons License. Thank you to Quelle Fromage for making their music available under it. They can be found:

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