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Scratched Disc Podcast – Episode 9

After a year and a half, we finally get our stuff together and produce something actually worth listening to. We interview Nicoll Hunt, producer of upcoming iOS and Android game Fists of Awesome to find out what it’s like developing his indie game and working on the Ouya.


On top of that, we have the usual rambling nonsense in what we’ve been playing and the news, while in our community interaction section we find out which football manager you shouldn’t pick a fight with.

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Legal note: Music featured throughout is Anamanaguchi. They’re amazing, check them out.

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When not ambling his way through a journalism course, Callum likes to play and write about games. Despite having a huge back-log of titles that need completing you'll normally find him playing FIFA Ultimate Team, swearing at the referee every time a decision goes against him.

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