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Published October 10, 2013

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Steampunk was always one of those little oddities that I never really paid attention to until a few years ago. Being a big fan of fantasy and sci-fi, when I did discover it, I always wondered why I didn’t pay attention to it sooner.

Steampunk hasn’t been greatly represented in games. I mean, sure there have been a few things like Torchlight II, Siberia, Steambot Chronicles, Wild ARMs, Dishonoured, and indeed the art style in Fable III was psuedo-steampunk. But for the most part, it does seem to be slightly under represented. Which is odd, as there is quite a fan base for it.

And so, here we are, with Steampunk Tower,

“Take charge of the immense Steampunk Tower and help the eccentric Lord Bingham protect his precious Etherium Mine.”

So goes the blurb for the new release from Chillingo and DreamGate Studios.

The premise is relatively simplistic; fight off waves of enemies using various weaponry that you put upon different turrets of your tower.

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The thing that grabbed my attention immediately is the style of the game. The music and the graphics are actually really well done. They are stylish and if you are into Steampunk (Which, as it happens, I am) you will love the overall artistic direction of the game.

You start off with a bog standard machine gun to attach to your turrets to fight off the enemies. As you progress, you get something called Tower Tickets that you can pour into research to upgrade your weapons and get new ones such as cannons, which offer more fire power for your tower.

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At first you will find it fairly easy to fight off the enemies, but as the missions go along, the waves get bigger, new enemies such as armoured vehicles come along to try to destroy your tower, the challenge scales and gets harder.

If things on-screen get too much, there is also a laser that you can use to clear a bunch of enemies on-screen. Extra charges for this can, of course, be purchased via in-game transactions, as is usually the case with mobile games.

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What I will say about this game is that it has quite a big fun factor. You can, of course, just pick and play and put down again. But you will, if you are anything like me, want to do a couple of campaigns at a time.

Defending your tower and strategizing what weapons you want to upgrade, which weapon you want to put on which turret to maximise your killing power – it all adds to the game for the better.  Neat little touches like that always help with immersion for the player.

I’m not much of a mobile gamer. The only mobile game that I really play on a regular basis is The Simpsons: Tapped Out. I will always prefer a keyboard and mouse, or a controller for playing my games above a touch screen. But this game really did give me a lot of fun as I was playing it. I would recommend giving it a go, as it isn’t just another game like Angry Birds or Candy Crush Saga, and does offer a genuine challenge as it goes along.

It will certainly while away those quiet moments where you just want to relax and play a game without necessity of putting a bunch of hours into it.

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