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Tag: Angry Birds

Cyto – iPad/iPhone Review


In the rare times I’m not playing video games,shouting at my PC or just staring into space thinking about spaniels in top hats, I busy myself with my day job in the pathology lab at the local hospital. The main thrust of my role being to move all manner of delightful bodily fluids from one place to another, and ‘Cyto’ refers to the place we send all the semen samples and cervical scrapes to be analysed. So when I was handed the iOS game ‘Cyto’ to review, needless to say it came with a few preconceptions on my part.

Swing King – iOS Review


I’ve come to notice that I have a habit of starting reviews for games by talking about a different game entirely. So holding to tradition I shall begin here by talking for a moment about Angry Birds. I think it’s fair to say at this point that Angry Birds is a success. With somewhere around 1 billion copies sold it has spawned sequels, a spin off and TV series in the making. You can now buy hats, shirts, toys, phone cases, docking stations and for some insane reason a cookery book of egg recipes. It’s a pretty good money spinner. So it’s easy to see why developers would look to imitate Rovio’s success.