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The Top 6 Videogame Villains (Who Didn’t Do It All For The Nookie)


There’s plenty of villains out there; while morality is – for the most part – conditioned into us and isn’t real, the best way to describe a villain is someone who wants to shit all over everything.  Aside from the the obvious (Bowser, doing it all for the nookie; LeChuck, doing it all for the nookie), here’s a look at people who liked to shit all over everything, but in a way that didn’t involve nookie.

Arkham County: Top 6 things we want from an Arkham sequel


Recently Rocksteady and Warner Bros have been running around the internet snatching up domains like the little green men snatched up food in Golden Axe. They’ve been purchasing many red herrings and obviously some genuine ones. Most seem related to the title of a new Batman game, Arkham Universe, Batman Arkham Origins and Batman Arkham Knight have all been purchased. A couple seem to be related to the Nolan films with Arkham Rises and such also being snapped up. All of this has led many to believe that we aren’t that far away from an announcement for a new Batman Arkham game. With the series being as highly regarded as it is, and with innovation dripping from the orifices like a teenager’s greasy pores, Max and Ruaidhri saw it was time to start getting their hopes up and sat down to discuss their wants and hopes for the new Arkham game.

Arkham Asylum: A Psychological Profile


“Some idiot is running around the asylum, dressed like a bat…! I know! Crazy!”  While the Joker’s words could be viewed as – and admittedly are, if you’re sad like me – funny, there is something unsettling about them.  2009’s Arkham Asylum is, at the very least, one of my favourite games of recent times.  Everything it excels at is there in a neat package: graphics, storyline, script, gameplay, voice acting – but there is something else that makes it so masterful.  It’s a head fuck.