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Tag: Brink

Brink: The Best Class Based Shooter This Generation

Ruaidhri Walker

Brink got screwed, there I said it, this game deserved hype, love and money, but it got nothing. I’ve tried my hand at many online shooters, some I’ve done well at, some just caressed my hair and told me they loved me whilst setting fire to my possessions. While I was unemployed a couple of years back I go more than a little bit into World of Warcraft, it was probably a psychological thing of me having nothing in my life at the time but being able to be someone in WoW blah blah blah, since then I haven’t really subscribed to anything that’s Online Only. That is until I picked up a game that I thought may be a bit like Mirror’s Edge (Which you can read here on how I’m in love with), that games was Brink.