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The Impermanence Of Death – The Weird World Of Comics


Over the last few instalments of this column we’ve looked at a few superhero identities that have been used by more than one character (Robin and Captain America, for the new or forgetful). Legacy characters like this are popular in comics because they’re a way of keeping names, and trademarks, alive and relevant (and to learn the importance of that, just ask DC about Captain Marvel). Individual characters aren’t always as timeless as the superhero identity or idea in general, so it pays now and then to get rid of them and replace them with a more relevant version. One of the best ways to sell this change has been to kill off the original as it immediately gives the new character an empty stage on which work and feel important.

Sliding Timescales – The Weird World Of Comics


If you read our last column you probably noticed that Dick Grayson started out as Robin in 1940, around the age of 8 and continued in the role ‘til 1984. Yet when he became Nightwing he was only in his late teens and is still now only in his mid-twenties (roughly). So why isn’t Dick Grayson an 80-year old vigilante, beating up thugs with a zimmerframe?

Arkham County: Top 6 things we want from an Arkham sequel


Recently Rocksteady and Warner Bros have been running around the internet snatching up domains like the little green men snatched up food in Golden Axe. They’ve been purchasing many red herrings and obviously some genuine ones. Most seem related to the title of a new Batman game, Arkham Universe, Batman Arkham Origins and Batman Arkham Knight have all been purchased. A couple seem to be related to the Nolan films with Arkham Rises and such also being snapped up. All of this has led many to believe that we aren’t that far away from an announcement for a new Batman Arkham game. With the series being as highly regarded as it is, and with innovation dripping from the orifices like a teenager’s greasy pores, Max and Ruaidhri saw it was time to start getting their hopes up and sat down to discuss their wants and hopes for the new Arkham game.

Young Justice: The DC Universe Done Right

Ruaidhri Walker

The concept of a cartoon featuring Superboy, Martian Manhunter’s niece and Aqua Lad is something that would normally make me want to take all my lovely comics and burn them in my garden in a hope that the gods of nerd would somehow see my sacrifice as enough to smite the unholy that came up with this abomination. But then I sat down and watched Young Justice, a cartoon that is currently showing its second series in America and made me realise something; with the right writers and story, that showcases the universe and the characters, this may just work.