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Side Effects (2013) – Review

Gary Jive

After over twenty years of thrills, chills, sex, lies and videotape, Oscar-winning virtuoso director Steven Soderbergh is finally calling it a day, at least as far as the big screen is concerned. Though his eagerly-anticipated Michael Douglas-starring Liberace HBO TV movie is still to see the light of day, the Traffic director, jaded with the Hollywood studio system, stands firm that psychological thriller Side Effects will be his last ever cinematic release. Thankfully, this beguiling, unpredictable neo-noir proves to be one of his finest works since Ocean’s Eleven and is a more than fitting swansong.

Does 48 FPS Improve The Hobbit?


Ever since its first showing at ComicCon earlier in the year, most of the talk regarding The Hobbit has been about the ground-breaking 48 frames-per-second technology it uses. Heralded by Peter Jackson as the future of cinema, we’ve seen critics completely split by the format. Now that the long wait for the film is finally over, viewers have a chance to see it and decide for themselves if the ultra-realistic frame-rate is the way forward or not. If you’re unsure about seeing it in 48 FPS, a couple of PixelPedlum writers went along to watch it and gave us their view.

Top 5 Invented Languages For TV and Film

Lyndsay Moir

We have all been there, sat with our nibble of choice and plenty of beers (or soda) chilling in the fridge, ready to watch the newest film that we have been all hyped about, or ready to destroy our way through a huge new TV box set. Well I was doing this just last night, with a cheeky bit of Game of Thrones before bed, and suddenly I was listening to a language I didn’t quite recognise, when they started to speak Dothraki. Then a thought struck me, mid popcorn munch, as to just how many languages have actually been made up for a TV series of Film, and even better, which ones are my favourite? It seems all writers are now going that extra ‘Tolkien’ mile to construct a new language for their stories, so there are so many to choose from!

Here is my list of my all time favourite made up languages