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Games For Every Hangover


As the conversational lubrication of a few drinks slowly morphs into the complete intoxication and possible social embarrassment of a late night binge, not even the greasiest of greasy kebabs can soften the impending blow of a hangover the next day. When moving from bed to the sofa becomes as difficult a task as scaling Mount Everest is for even the most intrepid of explorers, a day in front of the TV becomes the obvious choice of activity for the indefinite future. Gaming, though, can be a difficult task whilst in your most delicate of states as a throbbing head-ache and sickening dizziness combine to all but nullify a players reactions and hand-eye co-ordination. Fear not eager gamer, here is a list of games chosen for each specific type of hangover, so you can continue to earn gamerscore no matter your drink of choice.

Top 5 Best Gaming Special Editions


The current generation of gaming has seen ‘special’ editions go from a genuine rarity to something expected with every big release; the previous generation of consoles had 37 special edition releases, the current has over a whopping 125 (and counting). Cynics would call them nothing more than an effort to part gamers with even more of their hard-earned cash, with some offerings little more than in-game bonuses and DLC, whilst figurines seem to be the current flavour of the month.