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Top 5 Best Uses Of Nudity In Games [NSFW]

Ruaidhri Walker

The following, as the title implies is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Get on your mobile phone and make sure no one is looking over your shoulder. This list is not about the most titillating nudity in games, many other sites have done that cheap list of knockers, this is a list of where nudity was used for a purpose, be it repulsion, story or to divert expectations. With this list and my thoughts I’m hoping to show people that Leisure Suit Larry isn’t the only example of nudity in games and it is not a good example of it to start with.

Games For Every Hangover


As the conversational lubrication of a few drinks slowly morphs into the complete intoxication and possible social embarrassment of a late night binge, not even the greasiest of greasy kebabs can soften the impending blow of a hangover the next day. When moving from bed to the sofa becomes as difficult a task as scaling Mount Everest is for even the most intrepid of explorers, a day in front of the TV becomes the obvious choice of activity for the indefinite future. Gaming, though, can be a difficult task whilst in your most delicate of states as a throbbing head-ache and sickening dizziness combine to all but nullify a players reactions and hand-eye co-ordination. Fear not eager gamer, here is a list of games chosen for each specific type of hangover, so you can continue to earn gamerscore no matter your drink of choice.

Top 4 Most Annoying NPC Characters Of All Time


At their best, video games, as a medium, can rival any other at creating immersive narrative experiences. From thrilling plots and virtual worlds to endearing characters and gripping action, when done right video games can blow everything else out of the water. You wouldn’t see anything like Shadow of the Colossus in opera.

Unfortunately, not everything always goes right. Obviously some games are just outright terrible. Others achieve near greatness but are marred by just one character who’s not on the same page as the rest of the game. Join us now as we look at four of the most annoying non-player characters ever to be coded into life.

Top 6 Dick Moves by Games

Ruaidhri Walker

We’ve all had that moment where you just want to scream at your screen “THAT’S NOT FAIR”, the computer has moved the goal posts, tipped the odds in its favour or just flat-out cheated for its own agenda. Here at PixelBedlam we’ve been putting up with these tactics for years, but not any more, we’re calling you out games! Here’s our list of the 6 Biggest Dick Moves by Games.