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Top 4 Most Annoying NPC Characters Of All Time


At their best, video games, as a medium, can rival any other at creating immersive narrative experiences. From thrilling plots and virtual worlds to endearing characters and gripping action, when done right video games can blow everything else out of the water. You wouldn’t see anything like Shadow of the Colossus in opera.

Unfortunately, not everything always goes right. Obviously some games are just outright terrible. Others achieve near greatness but are marred by just one character who’s not on the same page as the rest of the game. Join us now as we look at four of the most annoying non-player characters ever to be coded into life.

Marine Teddy-Bear Teams: Emotional Surrogates In Gaming


I’m guessing about, I dunno, 50% of you or thereabouts had a teddy bear when they were a kid. Or still do. The figure for that is about 30% of adults still have ’em. I’m not here to judge. We’ve still got a giant elephant in our closet that we haven’t been able to give away (because of, uh, reasons). Point is, we can get attached to inanimate objects. Or rather, we get attached to insentient objects because while I’ve been gaming these long twenty years past there have been moments, and I’m sure some of you might know what I’m talking about, when you’ve gotten attached either to some in-game object or an NPC.

Top 5 Games to Play Before The End of The World


Games are wonderful. They immerse us into worlds and stories a way no other medium can. They can excite us, annoy us; they can make us feel happy and sad. They can be a nice way to relax and take a break from reality or they can be a seriously competitive way to spend an evening. With the amount of titles on offer across all the consoles ever released, we could spend many lifetimes playing games. Unfortunately for us the world is ending tomorrow, leaving little time left to game. That makes each minute precious; no time should be wasted hunting gamerscore in Avatar or torturing your patience in Dark Souls; every minute gaming must be a joy. Here are five games to squeeze in before the apocalypse to make your passage into oblivion a nicer one.