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Rolling Hero – iPad/iPhone Review


Video game villains are a peculiar bunch. Despite having armies of mindlessly loyal minions, a wealth of resources at their disposal and a twisted mind hell-bent on all things evil, many ignore the lure of controlling a corrupt corporation or pursuing world domination; instead they show psychopathic obsessions with capturing unfortunate protagonist’s girlfriends, pooling all their efforts into keeping them away from our heroes. Bowser, Donkey Kong, the Shadow Warriors; all determined to get between the player and their pixellated other half. Even villainous colourful round balls are prone to the occasional spouse-stealing, setting up the premise for Rolling Hero, the latest game from developers Gameplay Squad.

Be Together – The Cutest iOS Puzzle Game Around – iPad/iPhone Review

Lyndsay Moir

I am lucky enough to say that I have been playing the new game ‘Be Together’  from the guys over at LinkGoGame over the last few days, and have really enjoyed it, even though some of the levels have been seriously tricky! It is a perfect mix of cuteness, with an ounce of puzzle and all the right hazards and perks to make it a good game. You begin the first level, in the first world, learning the ropes of how to play the game. To start each ‘game’ you have to tap the little blue creature, or press the play button in the top right hand corner, and then watch him roll towards his little orange character, who he wants to be with, collecting gold stars in the process. Now this sounds simple, yet I have missed out one main problem. In each level you are faced with different scenarios, hazards and tricky to collect coins, which prevent you being with your loved one. You have to use given props to bounce, slide and teleport your way past them, into her waiting arms.