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Tag: Retrospective

Why Crackdown is One of The Best Games of This Generation


It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment I fell in love with Crackdown. The demo had me hooked from the second it was booted up; its 30 minute free-roam was replayed more times than I would admit. Perhaps it was the first time I scaled the Agency building, seeing the cityscape in all its beauty, only to jump right off landing in a small pool of water safely below. Maybe it was collecting every explosive barrel in sight, setting off an explosion Guy Fawkes would be proud of. Or it could have been inviting a friend to the game, only to have placed trip mines around his spawning location. And then throwing a skip at him.

Ecco The Dolphin: Beneath The Waves


The year is 1992, you are sat playing Sonic the Hedgehog on your Sega Mega-Drive/Genesis. You are running at the speed of sound, through loop de loops, jumps and rickety bridges. Collecting rings and defeating bosses in one of the most fast paced, exciting games of its generation. Then you hear Sega announce that its next 2D side scrolling masterpiece is on the way. The gaming world thought they knew what they were in for…..what they got was something entirely different – what they got, was ‘Ecco The Dolphin’.

Crystal Blue Persuasion: Breaking Down “Breaking Bad”


Malcolm in the Middle’s dad is a crystal meth cook. To be more accurate, the actor Bryan Cranston dons this new career path as Breaking Bad’s Walter White. To watch this Jekyll and Hyde-like character is a master class in acting, and full credit is due to the Emmy Award winner (3 consecutive years nonetheless).

Walt is a fifty year old chemistry teacher (and part-time cashier), a remarkably intelligent man whose life could have been very different, a man trying to support his pregnant wife and disabled son (played by RJ Mitte, who suffers from cerebral palsy in real life), a man who discovers he has lung cancer…