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Working With Workshops: Managing More Mods (And Alliteration)


The L4D2 Workshop was lifted out of its beta on the 17th January, with the myriad of mods previously available through now being made widely available over the Steam service so if you were ever hankering to try some fresh new campaign content or see how well the Ghostbusters crew can deal with the onslaught of L4D’s motley menagerie of Infected then now you can, and all with just a simple click.

From Pixels to Emotion: The Search for Feelings in Games

Ruaidhri Walker

Charlie was a good man. We had flown through all of Sector six together. He didn’t socialise with the other crew much, he knew he had a job to do and he just got on with it, as any good pilot would have. He was my go to guy, he had more experience than the rest of the crew. In our time we had seen ship mates come and go, some got ill trying to sort out an infection on a mining colony, other’s met their gods during fierce battles, each death was noble and without question of orders. Charlie’s death was more important though, Charlie’s death was the first one I cared about.