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Mama (2013) – Review

Gary Jive

Scarlet-haired darling of Hollywood Jessica Chastain (she who is in everything) has clearly tired of impressing us with worthy, dramatic Oscar-baiting fare, so here she is, all grunged-up, tattooed and slumming it in a grimy black pageboy wig for first-time director Andy Muschietti’s immensely silly, atmospheric fright-fest. Expanded from Muschietti’s own three minute short, and ‘presented’ by Guillermo Del Toro, Mama is the moderately suspenseful tale of two little girls (the impressive Megan Charpentier and Isabelle Nelisse) who disappear in the woods on the day their parents were killed. When they are found five years later, mentally scarred and disturbingly feral, they are taken in by their unwitting uncle Lucas (Headhunters’ Nicolaj Coster-Waldau) and his free-spirited, rock chick missus Annabel (Chastain), who quickly twig that there could be something sinister or even supernatural behind their disappearance. When creepy dark damp patches begin to manifest all over their new home, and the girls start conversing with the walls, it’s brown trousers time for this dysfunctional family unit, as they discover that a mysterious, malignant entity known only as ‘Mama’ still wants to tuck the girls in at night…

They Scare Me Ok?: A Personal Look At Children In Horror


I love horror. I like to read it, I like to research it and I especially enjoy a creepy film. I love the feeling of unease, tension and the anticipation of something jumping out of my nightmares and onto my television screen. There are many things in the world that give me the creeps. Spiders, Cows and sometimes, being left alone in the dark for long periods of time. There is only one thing that can induce the warm, embarrassing flow of the ‘fear pee’ through my jeans. Little dead kids. So, when it comes to horror films, I’m open to watching any flick, unless it features a dead looking child on the cover. Then I hesitate.