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Why Crackdown is One of The Best Games of This Generation


It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment I fell in love with Crackdown. The demo had me hooked from the second it was booted up; its 30 minute free-roam was replayed more times than I would admit. Perhaps it was the first time I scaled the Agency building, seeing the cityscape in all its beauty, only to jump right off landing in a small pool of water safely below. Maybe it was collecting every explosive barrel in sight, setting off an explosion Guy Fawkes would be proud of. Or it could have been inviting a friend to the game, only to have placed trip mines around his spawning location. And then throwing a skip at him.

Devil May Cry: To Hell And Back – Part 2


[Part 1 can be found here]

After the first Devil May Cry had stunned me and knocked me for six, I could not believe how well it had aged. Like a fine wine it had matured with time and had a distinct, rich flavour. It bruised me with its difficulty and lavished my eyes with its epic charm, right from start to finish.

The second instalment did not have the same effect. If anything it only served to highlight why sometimes a great original, does not mean a great sequel. My thoughts drifted to the depths; my only hope was that the third instalment had turned this whole thing around. Devil May Cry 3 was the road that lay ahead.

Arkham Asylum: A Psychological Profile


“Some idiot is running around the asylum, dressed like a bat…! I know! Crazy!”  While the Joker’s words could be viewed as – and admittedly are, if you’re sad like me – funny, there is something unsettling about them.  2009’s Arkham Asylum is, at the very least, one of my favourite games of recent times.  Everything it excels at is there in a neat package: graphics, storyline, script, gameplay, voice acting – but there is something else that makes it so masterful.  It’s a head fuck.

F1 Race Stars – Xbox 360/PS3/PC Review

Ruaidhri Walker

Formula One is something that I’ve never had an interest in. The loud noise and repetitive nature always perplexed and bore me rather than rattle my core and send me into a screaming frenzy. The sight of cars that can go so fast in such a small amount of time being forced to screech to a halt to get round a corner is more of a confusion than titillating. And the process of the drivers doing 70 odd laps was mind numbingly dull. It should be said now that no sport has ever entertained me, I’ve tried with football, I tried rugby and I even tried snooker but each I felt was too long. Being the walking hypocrite and contraction I am I did for a very short time find golf fascinating, not because of the skill or excitement, but because the quiet sound of some birds tweeting, the occasional golf swing and the bright green colours would send me into some sort of serene fugue state.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generation Review – Xbox 360 and PS3

Ruaidhri Walker

It is said there are only a few certainties in life; taxes and death. Well by proxy of death there is another, getting old. At age 25 I feel like I was born in a perfect time to enjoying gaming, systems were out and gaming staples were in place by the time I was able to comprehend what a console was and how to use a controller. Technology and genre’s are unlikely to vastly jump from the categories we have now; fighters, platformers, FPS’s are all going to advance but the basic premise is still there.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Review – Xbox360/PS3/PC

Ruaidhri Walker

Zombies are awesome. I’ve written two reviews of games on this site which feature them, and I’ve even written an article on why we need more zombies in gaming. As such you would assume that a game like Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City would be a zombie apocalypse wet dream for me, and thankfully it is.