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Published August 1, 2013

Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock, yes the clock is counting down to release day for GTA V, but it’s still a way off yet. So how could you fill your time from now until then? Take a crack at that pile of shame that has recently become a mountain of shame? Nah, you would have played them by now if you wanted to. Well how about taking up a hobby like painting? Nah, that’s a skill you would have by now if it was your destiny. Well why not go back to GTA IV and try out some of the crazy mods people have been building whilst you’ve been playing all the other games that have come out in the past five years. Here are the 5 best we have seen online:


GTA IV iCEnhancer Mod Graphics Photorealistic

Download here:

Hayssam Keilany (Icelaglace) has produced probably the most famous and the best mod you can get for GTA IV. He’s painstakingly gone through and to be blunt, made the game look chuffing amazing. The textures have all been knocked up a notch, from that screen shot alone you should see what I mean. GTA IV is five years old now but iCEnhancer makes the game look next-gen, with accurate cars with new modelling and the paint reflecting this just makes you want to free roam all day without denting your pretty little ride. The sight of the street lights reflecting off the body work is something to behold, it’s not a small download but if your computer can take it and you have a PC version of GTA IV on Steam or disc you are missing out it you don’t at least give this mod a try.

Iron-Man Mod

Iron Man Mod GTA IV PC Steam

Download Here:

Iron Man armor:…

Iron Man script:…

Superhero games are hard to do, there have been very few that have nailed the potential fun of being super strong, or being able to fly or having a small army’s worth of warheads attached to your shoulders. Well the modding community for GTA IV have struck gold with this Iron Man mod. The joy of hovering 20ft off the ground and dealing with those pesky police with your Uni-Beam is un-rivalled, when the heat gets too much just click your heels and jet the hell out-of-town. The mod is done with such dedication, the HUD has been changed to fit, the animation for landing and flying nails both the comics but also the Robert Downy.Jnr films perfectly. Although not adding anything to the game it does add quite a bit of free-roam play time to a game that is now 5 years old.

Character Swapping Mod

Character Swap GTA IV Mod GTA V

Download Here:

One of the more interesting new directions GTA V is taking is the three protagonists who can be swapped between on the fly. Well some trickster has added that functionality to GTA IV. Created by a very clever scripter at GTAXSCRIPTING this mod introduces to the world all at once:  Johnny, The Lost and The Damned, Niko, vanilla GTA IV and Luis, The Ballad of Gay Tony. Obviously this doesn’t have the polish of the official GTA V character swap, but for a ‘Work In Progress’ concept piece this certainly shows given the right original idea, GTA IV could have had even more crazy stuff implemented into it.

Piano Car Mod

GTA IV Piano Car Mod

Download Here:…

Piano car is one of those mods that if you hear about before you see it you question it’s worth in the world. Who would bother to code such a thing? Well sleepy & ChongMcBong did and as the video and screen shot above shows it may be one of the simplest but also clever jokes ever put into a Grand Theft Auto game. Obviously it doesn’t follow the laws of physics, but the piano soundtrack adds to the ‘bit’ so much that you forgive the taxi’s flying over head. Does this have any long-term replay-ability, well no, but for a few minutes of laughter it’s definitely earned a place in this list.

Horse Mod

GTA IV Horse Mod Car Driving

Download Here:…

Well because I’ve suggested one silly mod I feel inclined to mention another, this is mainly to out weigh the awesome seriousness of iCEnhancer. There isn’t really much to say about this, it’s a horse instead of Niko. The mod is done in a beautifully slapdash way. The modder has made it so the oddness of the situation is exasperated by such things as a horse swinging a baseball bat, or driving a convertible. Honestly at this point I’m filling, it’s a horse riding a motorbike, what more do you want?

Have I missed an awesome mod that’s out there at the moment? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. blargyidufr blargyidufr

    actually ice sucks, as you must downgrade your game significantly and even then it’s still buggy.

    also, ice on its own does not improve the texture quality or anything like that.

    • KiloAlphaIndigo KiloAlphaIndigo

      I’ve installed 2.1 after downgrading to (not necessary but better for performance). I have absolutely no lag whatsoever, it’s smooth and looks nice as hell. Build a better rig.

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