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Published April 10, 2014

The Last Tinker City of Colors 3

The Most Colorful Game You’ll Play This Year

Very few games can grab your attention from the moment you push “start”, but The Last Tinker: City of Colors does. The single player game gives you a simple story outline to start out with: Your name is Koru and you live in Tinkerworld a beautiful place where anything is possible if your creative mind is up for the challenge, but where segregation has separated the people into four districts based on their color. You are a charismatic young fellow living amongst people clearly different from you, and you have gifts that even you don’t know about yet. A great evil called the “Bleakness” is threatening to swallow Tinkerworld whole and wipe out all the colorful characters that live there. It’s up to Koru to stop it by finding out just what makes him so different…

The Last Tinker City of Colors 1

Slated for a Summer 2014 release by Mimimi Productions, The Last Tinker promises to be a unique game that will be pleasing on many levels. Upon starting you are given some basic quests to get to know the game and its controls. For each quest you complete, you are rewarded with clothing and items that help you progress in the game, making the occasionally monotonous tasks (think: making money in the Fable games by making pies) feel worthwhile. The games visuals will certainly win fans over, especially if they are partial to the look of games like The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. This is a 3D world that doesn’t try to look realistic; in fact quite the opposite as it wants to look as extraordinary as possible. There’s something to look at around every corner, and the colorful flavor text from passing citizens makes for a good laugh.

The Last Tinker City of Colors 2

The music of this game was what stuck with me long after I finished playing. The game boasts a stunning score that kept my energy up and fit perfectly with the images being shown. The music makes subtle changes as you enter new parts of the world, but always stays simple and pleasing to the ear. Also fun is your squeaky sheep-like companion, Tap, who gives the game so much personality from its adorable little sounds to its loving attachment to Koru. Tap also works as a navigation system and a guide, and is one of the rare times when that type of character isn’t universally found to be rather annoying to deal with.

Pacing is something that I found troublesome with this game. One of very few complaints is just how slowly the game seemed to move. With an exciting storyline and phenomenal visuals, I wanted more from my activities. The player guides Koru through puzzles of jumping to and fro between ledges, boats, rocks, and vines which was a fun and interesting mechanic, but then falls short when the player must do a solid 15 minutes of game play just learning how to kick and punch. Something that feels like it could have been done in half the time to make room for a more interesting exercise.

The Last Tinker City of Colors 4

Overall I feel that The Last Tinker: City of Colors shows a lot of promise to be a fun-filled journey that will appeal to many different types of gamers. The fact that it chooses to take its silly tones and exemplify them works in its favor and with killer visuals and score it’s going to be a treat to the eyes and the ears. Mimimi Productions makes smart choices in making it clear that The Last Tinker will be released on many different platforms, and that those playing on PC will be able to enjoy controller support if they so choose. And as it happens, this sort of game (reminiscent of a lot of similar platform style games) may benefit from being played that way. I recommend this game for those looking for a fun, unique game experience that they likely will come away from with a sense of joy. And for all those Lord of the Rings lovers out there, keep your eyes open early in the game for an adorable Gandalf reference that left this player giggling.

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