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Published March 8, 2013

Here’s the most outrageous moments from the show.  Piiiiiss!  Piss, coming out of my ass!


Butter’s Creamy Goo‘ is a viscous, white substance that Butters produces when he has a particularly pleasant dream.  Remind yourself that Butters is a little boy. Athletes and sports fanatics everywhere are using it as a performance enhancer.  It surely doesn’t mean that it’s… oh wait. ‘This is come,’ says Randy, after taking a swig.


The Return of Chef

So, after Isaac Hayes’ dissociation with the show (post-Scientology-bashing episode, Trapped in the Closet), Trey Parker and Matt Stone decided to turn the character of Chef into a brainwashed paedophile.  It’s chef’s death at the  end of the episode that makes you laugh in sheer disgust.  The character is set on fire, then falls into a ravine and is graphically eviscerated by wild animals.  All before the contents of his bowels are ejected.

Go, God, Go

Mr(s) Garrison taking a shit and throwing it at Richard Dawkins is pretty badass.  So, how do you top that?  By showing said scientist/fundamentalist atheist sodomising Mr Garrison. You have to kind of half look away, while acknowledging the fact that it’s so funny (not to mention Mr Garrison revealing his/her boobs…).


Red Hot Catholic Love

The age old question of whether you crap out of your mouth (if you shove food up your butt) is revealed in this episode.  Highlighting the entire Catholic church as child molesters is pretty tame; watching the parents of South Park ‘eat’ formal meals, and then excusing themselves as they slowly crap out of their mouths (it hangs for a while)… huurghh!


Poor Butters – you know he’s going to have psychological problems when he grows up.  The boys fake his death.  Faking his death, in this case, means dressing up the body of a dead pig and throwing it off a building.  Watching the carcass explode into a gory mess – while a medic declares he didn’t make it – is both messed up and funny.  ‘Sometimes… dead’s bettah.’

Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs

Night of the living homeless

After the town gets overrun by homeless people, an expert of the homeless finds himself trapped in his own house.  When a hoard of bums approach, he decides to take ‘the easy way out’.  This turns out to be a non-lethal – but incredibly painful – gunshot wound to the head.  It’s only after several gunshots in this gruesome scene that he finally dies.  Feeling suicidal?  This might change your mind.

Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs

We’ve all got a certain trigger that might make us gag – or worse – throw up everywhere.  Mine involves food and hair.  After the boys write the disgusting story of ‘Scrotie McBoogerballs’ it becomes a sensation across America.  When people listen to the story, they throw up.  Realistically.  Vomiting is one of the worst things I can think of, and there’s plenty of it here.


Britney’s New Look

The cult of celebrity takes Britney Spears to the edge, and she makes the decision to blow her head off.  You’d think with only half a head you wouldn’t survive, but the gruesome new look for Britney is paraded all over the media.  The gargling sound as she sings is particularly effective, and this is one of those episodes that is both bizarre and grim.

The Death Camp of Tolerance

How do you get fired from your teaching job?  Mr Garrison attempts it by sticking a gerbil up his lover’s ass.  The poor creature – Lemmiwinks – then journeys in the innards of ‘Mr Slave’, greeted by many ghosts of animals past.  More humorous than disgusting, but it does lead on nicely to our next episode…

Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset

Paris Hilton’s in town!  Along with several outrageous moments – Paris coughing up semen, one of her dogs killing itself and a flashback of a baby Mr Slave ‘enjoying’ a thermometer (“Jeez Critht”) – the end of the episode sees Paris and Mr Slave participating in a ‘whore-off’.  The build up to Mr Slave’s final ‘out-whoring’ is brilliant.  When Mr Slave drops his trousers and proceeds to jump on Paris – stuffing her into his ass hole – there’s a nice little nod to the aforementioned episode, when one of the animal ghosts appears. ‘A great adventure is waiting for you ahead!’

So there’s 10 episodes that spring to my mind.  Please post your comments below, and let us know what the most outrageous moments were for you.  Piiiiiss!

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