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Published May 1, 2013

Injustice has been keeping a number of the team busy over the past couple of weeks, Twitter arguments over characters and story have erupted like a rather pathetic nerdy volcano. As interest has started to contemplate waning the thought of DLC enters our mind. A couple of days ago the intergalactic douche Lobo reared his head as the first of the DLC characters we can expect to find on our character select screens in the coming months. What an awful choice in my humble opinion. Lobo jumps between being a great character and a one joke comedian. Having him in Injustice does nothing for me, they might as well announced Martian Manhunter.

Lobo Wallpaper

There was last week a supposed leak of upcoming DLC’s, featuring Batgirl, Power Girl/General Zod, Scorpion and Lobo. None of these really do anything for me so I thought I’d put together a list of the few characters that may actually make me pay out for DLC and even the Season Pass.

Booster Gold / Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle and Booster Gold

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle are the epitome of bromance in the DC Universe, for years they bounded around together until Blue Beetle met his end in the absolutely amazing graphic novel “Countdown to Infinite Crisis”. Two buddies who don’t take much seriously but can solve a crime and kick arse with the best of them. They’ve always been considered second tier heroes and I’m glad, it means that writers were able to take more risks with their work and enjoy the characters more without worrying too much about a hardcore fanbase. Being cult heroes, bringing these guys in would be awesome. Pressing B or Circle on all characters in Injustice changes a fight style or weapon, but with these guys swapping them in or out with a press of a button would work, it doesn’t change the game to a tag scenario which I’m sure NetherRealm intentionally avoided but it would add a new element.


Zatanna DC Comics

It would seem that the developers were struggling on the female front with Injustice (and Wonder Woman specifically, BOOM BOOM!), they brought in Hawkgirl, Wonder Woman and Catwoman, all justified characters with rich histories, but, then there’s her, Killer Frost. I mean NetherRealm should be capable at this stage having a character in a fighting game that isn’t based on Sub Zero. Female villains are hard to come up with I agree, there are some good ones, but on the most part they are one trick ponies, heroes however have a brilliant selection of females. I was stuck between suggesting for this list either Black Canary or Zatanna, Canary is a great character and if she was in the story her connection with Green Arrow would have been great however I secretly hope for Zatanna to pop up. Magic is an ability rife in the DC Universe so its apparent lack of appearance in Injustice is quite odd, they seemed to have glossed over the whole concept and just brought in the standards of Mutant, Alien, God or Beefcake. Zatanna’s stories may be lacking but the range of entertaining moves and specials she could have produced would have added to the game no end.

Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate

As I mentioned above I felt magic characters were severely lacking in Injustice. And to my mind there is no one as old school and as magic as Doctor Fate. With a magic Egyptian cape, amulet and helmet this guy can do it all. Tell people their future, fly, super strength, materialise things, destroy things hell somewhere in his Swiss Army Knife of abilities he can probably make a pretty good mojito. The character is interesting without all that jazz, essentially trapping people into the life of super-heroics Doctor Fate’s helmet is its own entity. Confusing and stalwart, Doctor Fate is a character that looks cool, has awesome abilities and would bring the magic back to Injustice.


Arsenal DC Comics Speedy Green Arrow

Roy Harper started life as Speedy, Green Arrow’s sidekick. After stints with Teen Titans and more recently Young Justice, Roy decided to get hooked on heroin. After that he went undercover and slept with an assassin called Cheshire and then his son died in an attack, oh and he lost his arm. Basically life hates Roy Harper and that’s why I love him. When life gives you lemons, say screw the lemons, get a bionic arm and become a hyper-violent anti-hero. Basically the violence, the weapons and the attitude would all mean that Arsenal, as he is now known, would just be an awesome character to play as.

The Question

The Question DC Universe Comics Injustice

I actually know very little about Question, all of my experience of him has been from the 52 series of comics and his brilliant paranoid P.I. routine on Justice League: Unlimited. I don’t know his moves or much of his back story except for what I have read online and seen on the cartoon. This is why he needs to be in the game, getting hold of Question comics is hard, if NetherRealm brought him in this could make DC sit up and re-issue a load of his comics. I admit this is head in the clouds dreaming, but hey, I want a conspiracy theory loving faceless nut job and I want him NOW!

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  1. otherside otherside

    What about Dr. Manhattan, Red Hood, or even Constantine?

    • Ruaidhri Ruaidhri

      Dr Manhattan I disagree with, I know that Watchmen is DC owned but seperate worlds, I think bringing in any Watchmen chars will be as odd as them giving Scorpion away as DLC.

      Red Hood and Constantine are great calls though, both alternative and interesting characters with violent streaks.

  2. Martin Martin

    I’m not sure Constantine would work really. He’s not that kind of physical character (well the original John isn’t, the New 52 one might be).

    The Question is a good shout – he was tutored in martial arts by Lady Shiva in his 80s series by Denny O’Neill.

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