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Published November 22, 2012

We have all been there, sat with our nibble of choice and plenty of beers (or soda) chilling in the fridge, ready to watch the newest film that we have been all hyped about, or ready to destroy our way through a huge new TV box set. Well I was doing this just last night, with a cheeky bit of Game of Thrones before bed, and suddenly I was listening to a language I didn’t quite recognise, when they started to speak Dothraki. Then a thought struck me, mid popcorn munch, as to just how many languages have actually been made up for a TV series of Film, and even better, which ones are my favourite? It seems all writers are now going that extra ‘Tolkien’ mile to construct a new language for their stories, so there are so many to choose from!

Here is my list of my all time favourite made up languages

5. Gallifreyan

I had to sneak a Doctor Who language in here. Firstly, because any language that has an older and higher variation, notably ‘Old High Gallifreyan’ automatically commands respect. Secondly, because the series is truly wonderful. Gallifreyan as a language was rumoured to be powerful enough to raise empires, or destroy gods if it was properly harnessed, now how awesome is that?

So here is a little Gallifreyan phrase for you: ‘Mi’en Kalarash’ means ‘Blue Fire’.

 4. Huttese

 With the screening sixth episode of Star Wars (Return of the Jedi) a whole host of new languages from across the galaxy (far, far away) were introduced to us eager viewers. One of these was none other than ‘Ewokese’ which came very close to taking this space, due to the awesome songs they sang, apparently about freedom and celebrating the love! However nothing compares to Huttese, the language spoken by Jabba the Hutt and his cronies. It is easily the most quoted Star Wars language, and frankly, sounds just brilliant when you try to talk in it.

So, here is a little snippet of Huttese for you readers: ‘Je am tuta planeeto Earth’ means ‘I am from planet earth’.

3. Klingon

No top made up language list would be complete without a mentioning of the Klingon language, created by Marc Okrand. From the famous Star Trek series, Klingon has now spread like wildfire amongst fans worldwide. You can even study it as part of your college course at British Columbia, now you know an invented language has made it big when you can now study it for credit. Trekkies across the globe sing Happy Birthday in Klingon, have meetings in Klingon, even the hit TV series The Big Bang Theory uses Klingon. I personally cannot utter a word, but for the following and recognition it has gained amongst fans, I feel it deserves a place on my list.

Let’s have a look at some Klingon then: nuq ‘oH ponglIj’e’?’ means ‘What is your name’

2. Dothraki

The language that sparked this whole article, Dothraki, gains a place as my second favourite invented language of all time. Why, you may ask, well for many a reason. Firstly, because The Song of Ice and Fire book series is truly brilliant. I am a huge fan and am eagerly awaiting the last book to be released (hint hint George!) Secondly, because it is spoken by the badass indigenous inhabitants of the Dothraki Sea, notably the fearsome warlord Khal Drogo, who you would have never messed with, I mean look at the length of his hair. Thirdly, and finally, because George is so dedicated to his writing, he had a linguist come in and actually make up a whole language so that the TV series would fit in with the language he had already begun writing snippets of in his book. Oh and if you are a fan of the US Office, or just humour, watch series 9 for some brilliant ‘Dwight talking Dothraki’ moments. Classic.

So, let’s speak some Dothraki – ‘Shieraki gori ha yeraan!’ means ‘The stars are charging for you!’

 1. Sindarin

My final invented language on the list, and therefore, my all time favourite. Sindarin is the made up language, created by J R R Tolkien, for his excellent The Lord of The Rings masterpiece. Called in English ‘Grey-Elvish’ the language of Sindarin is easily the most beautiful in all of the book. Spoken by the Elves, this language has easily become the most recognised amongst Lord of The Rings fans, and can now be spoken by huge amounts of followers of the literary epic.

Finally, let us speak some Sindarin, or Elvish as it has come to be known.
‘Im gelir ceni ad lín’ means ‘I am happy to see you again’

So there we have it, my top list of invented languages. What do you think and what would you have included up there and why?


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  1. Jack Green Jack Green

    Huttese is actually not invented… its Quechua.. its a southamerican native language :)

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